Visual Intelligence Is Helping the Beauty Sector Maximize Content

Last week, our senior director of brand strategy, Mariana Rittenhouse, spoke at the Beauty & Money Summit Los Angeles about how Dash Hudson's visual intelligence platform is helping the cosmetic industry with content performance.

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Dash Hudson senior director of brand strategy Mariana Rittenhouse took the stage at the Beauty & Money Summit 2018 to chat about why and how our company is changing the social content game. We're talking way beyond providing Instagram metrics.

She spoke about how the makeup and cosmetics industry is ruling social media, and how DH can enable a successful beauty marketing strategy through AI-powered algorithms.


First, The Why

The beauty sector is one of Instagram's most popular industries, along with one of its most active sets of audiences. The game has changed tremendously as it relates to beauty industry marketing trends, with social mediums climbing the scales of importance. Consumers are significantly more savvy and informed than ever before and visual touchpoints are literally everywhere.

This jagged landscape became a breeding ground for nimble, digitally-native beauty brands on social media, keen to reinvent the wheel and fill a market gap created as a result of our collective psyche evolving faster than the business world. The rise of social-first, cool girl beauty brands forcibly pushed the veterans into modern times and created a competitive territory where every cosmetic company now battles it out for engagement on Instagram.

The smartest marketers are investing in quality content and visual digital channels that facilitate intimate connections with consumers. At the top of that pyramid sits Instagram, and it's clutch for beauty industry growth.

Social media and beauty have had a tumultuous love affair. In the span of two years, there's been a 50% increase in content-sharing, but engagement has been simultaneously declining by 10%. These figures make way for a real opportunity to do better, and focusing on fostering an engaged audience is a fail-proof tactic to affect reach and brand equity positively.

Dash Hudson's Instagram product helps brands optimize their social strategy and their content performance, but we developed Vision to take things further in solving two core issues that were being constantly brought up by our customers:

  1. Not being able to find the right branded media assets to post among the sea of owned and earned content.

  2. Not knowing what piece of content is going to be well-received and ultimately generate the highest performance possible.

And a solution was born.

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Second, The How

Vision uses AI to help brands understand what content strategy has worked in the past as well as what's going to be working in the present and in the future. In the beauty sector, that means helping brands increase their engagement rates, content output, and sales conversions.

An image is a magical way to connect with followers and build loyal relationships. "In the beauty space," notes Mariana, "consumers love to see that community and how other customers are using products," making the niche prime for social marketing.

In the past few years, there's been a pivotal shift in the marketplace and on Instagram, going from traditional to digital marketing, which resulted in a flood of additional consumer touchpoints. And now with influencer marketing, brands don't have exclusive control of their public perception anymore.

"You as a brand are no longer solely responsible for how consumers understand you. Now there are influencers, and everyone is creating content around your brand," explains Mariana. Social media gave consumers a voice and generated audiences that listen. The challenge for businesses today is learning to leverage those actions and "being a part of that democratization as opposed to running away from it," advises Mariana.

With Dash Hudson's visual intelligence platform, brands are informed about a piece of content's performance potential through the use of AI. By looking at photos in the same way the human eye does, Vision makes real-time predictions about whether an image will be successful on a brand's Instagram account according to what its audience is engaging with.

With companies now investing so much into Instagram, this tool is rapidly becoming indispensable for ROI. Features like brand-specific visual search are saving social teams hours of work each week. The platform is also auto-adjusting, updating itself as audiences tastes evolve.

It's a total game-changer.

beauty industry marketing strategies, Instagram analytics tools, social media and beauty industry, Beauty and Money Summit, beauty industry marketing

At the end of the day, our visual intelligence tool can help a brand increase its engagement rate significantly, raising its chances of creating deeper connections with consumers by enabling the social editor to deliver the right piece of content at the the right time.

Aka your Instagram investment, maximized.

beauty industry marketing strategies, Instagram analytics tools, social media and beauty industry, Beauty and Money Summit, beauty industry marketing

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