How to Get Really Niche With Your Instagram Strategy

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Social media strategy and Instagram marketing best practices—surprise!—differ from one industry to the next. Dash Hudson's senior director of brand strategy, Mariana Rittenhouse, sat down with Condé Nast's senior social media manager for food publications, Rachel Karten, at the Digipublish World Forum to chat about all things strategy for feast-forward publishers.

Warning: this may or may not make you hungry. We'll hold while you grab a snack.

No one can resist a bountiful cheeseboard and Bon Appetit mag knows it.

The intricacies of Instagram strategy know no bounds, something you're already well aware of if you're a social marketer. General social media best practices and Instagram marketing tips are useful for understanding how to tackle your performance and its consequent analysis, but if you want to get real pointy, they can also be broken down by sector.

You see, not all industries are created equal on Insta. While any category can successfully build a strong presence on the channel, some lend themselves particularly well to the kind of visual branding it facilitates. If there's anything Instagram insights can reveal is that diverging activities work for different types of businesses because their audiences are unique.

We've learned that social media behavioral patterns vary and can be tracked with the right Instagram metrics, and now we're applying those variances to business categories. IG users follow hundreds, sometimes thousands of accounts pertaining to diversified subject matters—friends, family members, brands of all kinds. They don't respond to each one the same because their relationships and connectivity with all of them are different.

That's what you should bear in mind when developing an Instagram strategy. What are audience members in your particular niche keen to consume from the type of account you run? What position do you occupy in those followers' everyday scrolls? What kind of content shakes their core?

That's precisely what publishing giant Condé Nast's food publications have been up to. In just a few short years of Instagram marketing, the company's gastro brands have doubled, going from two Instagram accounts—@bonappaetitmag, @epicurious—to four—adding @healthy_ish and @basically—and growing them dramatically fast.

Condé Nast Food's Best Practices

With a niche as big as the culinary world on Instagram, it was vital for Condé to devise four separate Instagram strategies synced with each brand's positioning. As the social team developed differentiation tactics to nail unique identities and narratives for each account, they were able to build diverging audiences for all four brands. Not a walk in the park, considering the saturated arena.

With that said, our senior director of brand strategy, Mariana Rittenhouse, recently sat down with Condé Nast's senior social media manager for food publications, Rachel Karten, on the stage of the Digipublish World Forum to dive into the complexities of standing out in the food sector on Instagram. They discussed everything from challenges to goals, while also touching upon what the best practices are for this particular segment.

An interesting presentation if we do say so, which we invite you to watch below. Learn how Condé Nast sets its food brands apart and how its social team rises above challenges to come out on top. Follow along with the deck directly below!

Understanding the place you occupy in your followers' lives is the key to developing an effective Instagram strategy and to driving continued growth. That's been Condé Nast's social and digital approach for positioning all of its brands, which is precisely why they continue to reach new heights.

Once you've figured out your path, it's important to measure your results with an Instagram marketing software, so that you can adjust accordingly and keep things on the rise, just like behemoth CN has.

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