How it Works Series #1 - Analytics: Followers

This series of posts explains how core features of the [Dash Hudson Instagram marketing platform]( "target="blank) work, and how you can get the most value out of them. It's learning time ..

My Statistics: Followers Tab

You want to know how your Instagram following is growing over time, based on content you publish, and promotions and campaigns that you run. We go beyond what other analytics tools offer and also bring you insights on how influential your following is, and who your most influential and engaged followers are.

New Followers / Total Followers

This feature enables you to see the net new followers your account is acquiring over time, as well as the total number of followers your account has. You can modify the date range to see how your account is growing at certain points in time, based off of marketing initiatives like influencer campaigns.

Follower Breakdown

Okay, so this is rad. This feature lets you see the influence of your audience. The more influential your audience, the more likely others are to see your content on Instagram, and the faster you will grow.

The chart on the bottom left shows the breakdown of the influence of your audience, by showing how many of your followers have follower counts of 5k to 10k, 10k and above, etc. This is a great way to see how many influential people are following you.

Most Influential Followers

Here, you will see who your most influential followers are. Followed by Rosie HW? Hands in the air. We rank your most influential followers, starting at the top. Click view more to go deeper into the list.

Key Influencers

This list shows which of your influential followers are engaging with your content, ranking them starting with the most engaged. Click view more to go deeper into the list. These are some of your followers that you should pay attention to.

Hope you found this useful. If you have questions, comment below or email us.

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