How to Leverage UGC with the Best Instagram Marketing Tools: Dash Hudson Spirit Galleries

Looking to really maximize the bang of your user-generated content? You need the right Instagram marketing tools is all.

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All y'all, thanks to UGC and Instagram marketing tools.

What's the Deal With UGC?

Here's the thing. There's nothing more magical than UGC for a brand that's crafted a well-rounded social media strategy. Between all that planning, analyzing, and measuring, there's also the need for optimizing. And that means taking content off-platform to cash in on conversions.

What ever do we mean by that? The value of user-generated content has been documented ad nauseum by marketing specialists over the years, and they've all come to the unequivocal conclusion that it helps increase sales conversions by a lot. Think about it: the same reason for why Instagram became so popular in the first place applies here—relatable yet aspirational lifestyle vibes that feel organic and authentic versus forced and contrived.

That's right, the yield from your brand's organic reach (which drives account growth to begin with) can be repurposed to also boost your sales. Because Millennials now make up the largest generation, like, ever, and what worked on their predecessors doesn't make them bat an eyelash. Cue: UGC to drive conversions.

This generation of consumers takes to social media to share absolutely every inch of their lives with their friends, family, and strangers alike. They seek experiences (insert experiential commerce) and they despise overt advertising. What triggers the desire to purchase is often a piece of aspirational visual content shared on social media by a peer.

You can't just sit on this information, it's time to take action!

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ColourPop Cosmetics is fueling and leveraging both fan love and content creation on-site.

Indispensable Instagram Marketing Tools

Brands receive a ton of user-created media every single day, and while it's an incredible win for organic reach, it can also be optimized in favor of your bottom line. As mentioned above, images that depict a real person in a lifestyle setting are the best purchase prompters there are in this day and age.

People use Instagram as a discovery tool, and they click to buy when they're ready—typically once on-site after thinking it through or from a coveted piece landing in an email newsletter at the right time. Why not use this intel to further your strategy by monetizing your brand's highest quality user-generated content and increasing the ROI of your email campaigns? Grab the opportunity, seize the momentum, carpe diem, YOLO!

Dash Hudson's robust Instagram marketing tools include Spirit on-site galleries, which enable brands to embed their most inspirational UGC on their website to turn fan love into e-comm opportunities.

Here's the value you'll sustain from using these galleries for consumers to shop from online:

  • They offer a perfect platform to leverage your best fan content to drive sales.
  • You'll increase your e-commerce conversion rate.
  • Your customers will feel special knowing that you want to feature them.
  • They can boost the engagement you receive on your website.
  • They're an incredibly easy way to grow your revenue.
  • They extend your branded content's lifespan.

The Spirit Instagram marketing tools speak for themselves, with Skyn Iceland increasing both engagement and conversions, as well as Jack Wills monitoring contest hype while extending its reach.

But the fun doesn't end there. If you're pushing a hot new product launch or hired influential instagrammers for a special promo, you can embed your Spirit galleries directly into your email campaigns. This serves to:

  • Increase the value of your user-generated content beyond your website.
  • Monetize your email campaigns with the most high-converting visuals.
  • Increase your ROI.
  • Make your customers even more happy to see themselves featured and credited as they open their branded newsletters.

It's kind of a no-brainer when you think about all the benefits. Get in touch with your lovely customer success rep to get yourself sorted on adding Spirit to email campaigns. ❤️

Instagram marketing tools

REVOLVE always be ahead of the curve.

Using the world's most robust Instagram marketing tools to help you leverage all that high-quality UGC your brand receives is not only wise, but will also make you look really good come your next department meeting when you run through all those number increases. Just sayin'.

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