How it Works Series #3 - Analytics: Reach

This series of posts explains how core features of the [Dash Hudson Instagram marketing platform]( "target="blank) work, and how you can get the most value out of them. It's learning time ..

Analytics: Reach Tab

It's great to know how many followers you have, but what about the reach you are getting on Instagram through others? Your fans and influencers are out there, tagging you, getting you in front of new people. You want to know how your Instagram reach is growing over time based on content you publish, and promotions and campaigns that you run. We got you.

Mentions and Photo Tags

This is a killer chart. It shows you how many new potential fans or customers you are reaching through content that other people have tagged you in. If you are photo tagged or mentioned in a comment, we tell you how many people that post has reached. Adjust the time window to see how your reach is growing over time.

Posts Featuring You

Also rad. Click on a node on the Mentions and Photo Tags cart, and we'll show you which posts you were featured in at that point in time. See who's talking about you, and how they're helping you get in front of new audiences.

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