What’s Blooming on Instagram this Spring 2019: The Latest Visual Content Trends

instagram trends May 03, 2019

In case your allergies haven’t already alerted you—spring is in full swing. As a savvy social marketer, I’m sure you’ve been eyeing Instagram for “springspiration” so we did the work for you and compiled the social media trends that are blooming this season. Spoiler alert: there will be no florals found here. 🙅‍♀️

Ah, springtime. A season blossoming with change and vibrance—and not just in nature. It’s also a great time to think about [keeping your Instagram fresh](https://blog.dashhudson.com/spring-cleaning-instagram-aesthetic-content-curation-clean-up-brand-strategy/). We all know the common theme that comes to mind when ruminating on this time of year—April showers bring May flowers—but what if you dared to dabble in visual content trends that have been sprouting up the past few weeks instead? You see, the social trends this year aren’t that basic. As the seasons change, so do Instagrammers’ preferences, and an evolution of what resonates on social media inevitably takes place. With this in mind, we dug into the Instagram accounts of top performing brands on the channel, to decipher which spring trends were born this year. Check it. ✊

1. Not-So-Basic Blues

We all know that there is a palette shift between winter and spring but this year the blue skies are abundant—and performing better than ever. Brands who have incorporated a blue hue as a key color in a recent post, have on average, gained +39% higher engagement.

Incorporating blue into the content mix gives brands a chance to shift their aesthetic gradually toward spring without rushing to spam the ‘Gram with photos of patios and the season’s latest sunnies. It's a color palette that hasn’t been overdone, so time to do it up.

2. Glorious Greens

Avocados, salad, monstera plant pics—green is the go-to color when you want your feed to look fresh. It’s a trend that has had it’s high moments over the years and is back at it again—with steadily high engagement as per ushe. Brand’s posts that feature green see an average engagement rate that’s +88% higher than typical. A tried and true Instagram staple 🙌.

3. 90’s Nostalgia

The 90s have officially arrived on Instagram. This trend is a killer part of many millennial brands’ current content strategy, like the female-first shave and body brand @billie. Capitalizing on childhood and teenage nostalgia from the era has Instagram users double-tapping and tagging their friends to share the memories, sparking high engagement for purveyors of this trend. Resonating with our pasts and inspiring our #mood, these sentimental and often meme-oriented pics see an average engagement rate that’s +85.5% higher than typical Instagram fodder.

4. Rustic Wood

Introducing our final spring trend—rustic wood. Florals may not make an appearance this year, but what would spring be without a little nature? 2019 is all about tantalizing timbers, specifically exposed wood making cameos in your everyday Instagram feed photos. Brands that add wooden elements to their shots see average engagement rates on coniferous content that are +26% higher than usual.

Now that you're in the know about what’s sprouting up on social this spring (bless), it’s time to go capture some content. When the sun comes out to play, get outside and enjoy it for yourself. Just don’t forget to plan your photos ahead of time, and always apply sunscreen. 😎

Header image: @nastygal

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