How to Create Instagram Stories Ads that Convert [Case Study]

Mar 03, 2019

So much talk about paid social these days. We're here for it, and what comes next should be drilled into your minds from now until eternity... Or at least until the next hot marketing trend comes along—Instagram Stories ads.

You heard it here, fam. The very future of content—video, and in this case, the ephemeral vertical kind—is making a play for paid in big way. But the key to including Instagram Stories ads in your content strategy is to not make your placements feel like a promotional moment. They should be an extension of the brand narrative you've already crafted on the organic side—the creative still needs to convey the story of your brand.

When Who What Wear's social team wanted to create Instagram Stories ads that were relevant, elevated, engaging, on-brand, and effective, they tapped Dash Hudson's Story Studio. We followed their progress as their efforts with the tool ramped up, and the staggering results are coming at you via a beautiful case study.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why the Instagram Stories ads created with Dash Hudson's Story Studio drastically outperformed regular creative.
  • How Who What Wear is able to customize its ads to yield the best results.
  • The outcome of A/B test Instagram campaigns.
  • The percentage of Who What Wear's increase in leads, CPR, and reach after using the DH Story Studio.

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Power to the People

Story Studio empowers brands to take their best owned or earned photos and videos, and turn them into high-quality creative in an instant. Who What Wear wanted to create a set of Instagram Stories ads that would direct viewers to sign up for their fashion-focused email updates. With this new tool
at the team’s disposal, they’re able to choose from unique, eye-catching templates, fonts, and colors to make their vision a reality—and one that converts, too.

I love that there are so many options in Story Studio—because we’re not always linking to an email subscriber form. This gives us wiggle room to play, get creative, and even A/B test between templates.<BR
-Allie Mitchell, Paid Media Manager at Clique

For Instagram Stories ads to resonate with users, they have to be the crème de la crème. Audiences are getting savvier, choosier, and let's face it, more easily distracted. Catching their attention is more challenging than ever before, especially on the paid front, and brands have to step up their game to be effective.

Trendsetting digital brand and media behemoth Clique is out here leading the pack yet again with its thoughtful, data-backed approach to creative output. As the saying goes, follow the leader.

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Header image: @whowhatwear

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