Instagram Stories Benchmarks For Social Success [Ebook]

instagram stories Sep 20, 2018

Thinking about what a person can access these days is completely mind-blowing. Literally all of the information in the world is accessible with the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen. News about the Kardashian family, important world facts, delivery of absolutely anything your soul desires, even finding a significant other is a mere handy interweb connection away.

The one thing that is however NOT available at our fingertips is data to inform your Instagram Stories strategy. I know, super crazy and super unfair. It seems like something so intrinsic to social media marketing, aka a huge priority for most modern businesses, should not be so challenging to collect. But here we are, linked to basically all things, yet lacking access to strategy-informing stats about one of the most important components of any brand's Insta game plan.

Dash Hudson took matters into its own hands and created a tool for fam members to measure their performance with the popular Insta functionality. But while it's one thing to know how your own brand is doing, it's another to understand whether your numbers are good or bad. And you can't do that if you have nothing to compare them to. What can actually shed light on the matter is looking at the average figures in your sector.

For that season, we amassed all the numbers for each industry and hundreds of brands, identified their respective benchmarks, and packaged it all in a beautiful ebook for an easy read.

Here's the kind of stuff you can expect to learn in this ebook:

  • Why you should be including Instagram Stories in your brand's social media strategy.
  • The important Instagram Stories KPIs to measure and monitor.
  • How to get the best Instagram Stories insights in the biz for your biz.
  • Benchmarks to measure your performance across all industry averages, including fashion, beauty, food, publishing, and lifestyle.

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