In Conversation with Lia Zneimer from WeWork

instagram strategy Aug 21, 2018

WeWork might be a global company with hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, but its true north revolves around community and a sense of belonging. We couldn't be more thrilled to call it a DH fam member, and we recently chatted with Lia Zneimer, WeWork's social media director, about Instagram strategy and how the Dash Hudson tools are helping her team take the brand's story to the next level. 🎬

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It would be fair to say that it feels like WeWork is taking over the world, and we're kind of really into that thought. If you know anything about the company, you're probably on board with the idea as well. The community-focused co-working office spaces are all about fostering a sense of belonging and connecting with peers all over the world. It's a global message of positivity, proactivity, and productivity. Packaged in a really beautiful, photogenic aesthetic, of course.

The WeWork Instagram strategy nails that message with a narrative that embodies its culture and company mission. Director of social media Lia Zneimer helms that ship, leading the direction for the visually pleasing and informative Inta feed. Her and her team are there to shape and tell the WeWork story through engaging photos and videos on its social channels.

The company has recognized the importance of Instagram as a way to experience the WeWork ethos and energy outside of its physical spaces, as it's often people's first touchpoint with the brand. The channel's visual quality makes it a perfect vehicle for that journey, and Lia and her team work towards ensuring that the social narrative is translating that WeWork spirit to members and potential members.

The thing is, cracking the Instagram strategy code is a lot harder than people think it is, even for a team that's immersed in a rad, aesthetically rich company culture. Because the channel is always evolving, as is the business of WeWork, it's a constant challenge to stay not just in tune, but also ahead of what's resonating. Bringing that vibe to life is the Instagram mission, and Lia's team is constantly looking out for fresh, engaging ways to personify the company's ideology through photos and videos.

WeWork has found an ideal partner in Dash Hudson, as our solution helps the social team dive really deep into insights they would otherwise not have access to. We spent some time with Lia and asked her to take us through the WeWork Instagram approach and how using our tools has helped her team inform tactical game plans on this most important channel.

Hit play below to find out what encompasses WeWork's Instagram strategy and how the social team leverages DH to drive the highest level of success with content.

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