Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Video: The Ebook

Social video content. Three little words, one massive significance. It's been hailed time and over as the number one content format of the future. And since the future is now, that means that grasping video on Instagram is more important than ever before. It's becoming increasingly pressing for brands to incorporate the medium into their branding and distribution efforts.

The thing is, the production of social media video is far from an easy feat and sounds way less complicated in theory than it is in practice. Creating motion pictures for your channels is super demanding, as they can become a real challenge to conceptualize and execute. We're not talking the raw clip genre that vertical video delivers, but high-quality, engaging and strategic video content.

You may recall our 4 part video series from last year? Good news: we compiled everything into an ebook for quick reference and consolidated education.

Altogether now: hallelujah. 🙌

In our comprehensive Instagram video guide, this is what you'll learn:

  • The top performing Instagram video industries and how they're using motion to their benefit.

  • The most engaging Instagram video formats and creative examples of how they're being used.

  • The video metrics your marketing team should know and how to measure performance.

  • Sophisticated Instagram video strategies to help you become an industry pack leader.

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It's the climb... to Instagram video success.

Now's the best time to begin experimenting with Instagram video. And thanks to this ebook guide, you no longer have an excuse not to.

You're welcome.

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