In Conversation with Jeffrey Tousey of Vanity Fair

instagram insights Apr 26, 2017

There's no need to introduce Vanity Fair, the legendary Conde Nast publication long helmed by Graydon Carter.

But allow us to introduce to you Jeffrey Tousey, the magazine's social media maestro. We asked to pick his brain about a few things and he graciously obliged.

The iconic portrait studio, made possible thanks to the other JT.

If you follow Vanity Fair on Instagram, then you're already familiar with Jeffrey Tousey's work because he oversees all of the magazine's social media content. Not an easy feat by any means. It's his job to ensure that the publication's prestigious image is perfectly translated and adapted to these new media channels — no pressure. Needless to say, succeeding in this role requires deep expertise and a robust Instagram strategy. And we're all very familiar with how much harder that is to do than it sounds, aren't we?!

Jeffrey is the mastermind behind the clever captions, the consistent photo stream, the always relevant and apropos content... He also harbors all of those precious celebrity relationships, securing the Hollywood A-list's willing participation in social media fanfare during events like Vanity Fair's iconic Oscar party, among many others.

As a social media expert, he relies on Dash Hudson's robust tools suite to make his day-to-day smoother, as well as to get granular with the data to help inform the Vanity Fair Instagram strategy. We caught up with Jeffrey at our event last fall to learn more about his approach, the thought process behind which content makes it onto Instagram, how they keep things engaging, and on a more personal note, what his guilty pleasure is.

Watch the interview below to gain insight into the world of Vanity Fair, and to be completely charmed by their director of social who (spoiler alert) has a soft spot for Gaga.

Now go give [Vanity Fair]( a follow if you haven't already and watch the wizardry in action.

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