Is Kylie Cosmetics the Most Popular Brand on Instagram?

instagram insights Oct 21, 2016

Face it, life is a popularity contest. Which means that Instagram is, like, the ultimate race. #sorrynotsorry

Kylie Cosmetics is in line for the podium, but what do the fans really think?

Find out below.

Beautiful swatches by @makeupswatchesau 😍😍 Top to bottom: Koko K Candy K Exposed Kristen 22 Leo

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Lips are the OG @kyliecosmetics offering. Do they still resonate? Hint: yes.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan kompletely dominates when it comes to Instagram influence, as observed at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year. Needless to say, when they attach their last name(s) to a product, things pick up quickly.

After launching just this past year, @kyliecosmetics already has a following of almost 9 million users, making it one of the biggest beauty brands on Instagram. It makes total sense when considering the fact that King Kylie is behind the lip kit-making company. Not only is it one of the biggest, but it’s also one of the most engaged-around: their Instagram account's average engagement rate is 2.64% - well above the beauty industry’s average of 0.84%.

This confirms the popularity contest theory - Kylie Jenner is one of the most famous people in this big ol' world we live in, and her loyal fans ensure that everything she touches turns to gold. She chose a pretty competitive niche to operate in and the stakes are high in the crowded beauty landscape. That is precisely why growing and maintaining fan love is the key to success. Aka popularity. Ding ding ding!

The most fundamental component to reaching that status involves listening to your audience and getting to know what resonates with its members. One of the most efficient ways to do that is through Dash Hudson’s Boards, a tool that identifies top performing content categories. The more you know about your follower preferences, the better you’ll be able to not only shape future content strategy, but product development as well.

A dynamic content mix emerged within the @kyliecosmetics account thanks to two product launches and a brand new campaign. For that reason, we decided to sift through all that data and go mining for insights. We divided the @kyliecosmetics content into 10 categories that included 20 recent posts, and then went real deep on the top four sections. Here's what we found.

The Categories

![Kylie Cosmetics Instagram content strategy performance social media marketing](/content/images/2016/10/kylie-cosmetics-instagram-content-strategy-performance-social-media-marketing.jpg)These are the most engaged-around content categories on the @kyliecosmetics Instagram account. Peeps still be lovin' them lip kits!

The People's Top 4

1. Smile Train

Average Engagement Rate 3.87%

No surprise! This recent campaign featured a small but very mighty group of posts. Not only did it reveal Kylie’s personality on a depper, more intimate level, but it also offered a positive and highly engaging narrative due to its charitable nature. The formula proved successful and made the fans feel ultra connected.

Most engaged-around piece of content in this category:

Lots of angelic things going on in this photo.
2. Kylie

Average Engagement Rate 3.81%

Coming in at number two is none other than the lady of the hour, the face and personality behind the brand herself (👋🏻 Kylie). Fun fact: the posts featuring her on the brand's account outperform those on her personal one. All signs point to the fact that @kyliecosmetics has a super concentrated, loyal, dare we say cult-like following. Even though she leverages some of the hottest influencers around, nobody trumps Kylie when it comes to engagement. Talk about devoted fans!

Most engaged-around piece of content in this category:

Love Bite X Kylie. Available Now.

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Ft. Love Bite. Ouch.
3. Product Shots

Average Engagement Rate 3.5%

Interestingly (or at least we think so), product shots came in at number three. Flat lays, boxes, and packaging shots outperformed both fall launches, including the highly anticipated Burgundy Palette and October Shades. Despite the general lack of personality of these types of images, the aspirational component is still there. It's straight up merch that people want to get their paws on!

Most engaged-around piece of content in this category:

Have a beautiful Sunday! ☀️

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A v stacked box of lip kits.
4. Lip Kits

Average Engagement Rate 3.10%

Lip service is a clear fan favorite. It also happens to be the core of the brand’s product line, proving that their audience is right on target. As we saw above, product posts are well received, so it only makes sense that Lip Kits would be next in line. Although two new products have since been launched (appropriately named Kyshadows and Kyliners), Lip Kits continues to come out on top. Yet another display of the brand’s loyal following.

Most engaged-around piece of content in this category:

Candy, Posie, Love Bite, all available now! @lapetitechicmommy

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Starting to see a trend here. Love Bite makes appearance #2.

After digging through the data, it’s very apparent that this brand has a strong sense of identity, as well as an insanely devoted following. The people have spoken and it's crystal clear that Kylie and Lip Kits are in high demand - the brand's founding pillars are still key engagement drivers. That said, an interesting area for the brand to explore moving forward is charitable campaigns, as observed with the success of the Smile Train posts.

It's been well documented that millennials value a sense of giving back, so it's no surprise that this campaign earned the highest levels of engagement. Doing good, like most things, has become a social activity. Another intriguing observation is the less successful promotional posts belonging to the Burgundy Palette and October Shades themes. Their lower engagement rates are a great insight that should inform their content strategy moving forward.

Regardless of anything, it’s clear that Kylie Cosmetics is on a healthy path to the top thanks to their strong connection with the highly engaged community they've created.

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Jenny Pratt

Vice President of Customer Success at Dash Hudson