How to Get the Most Bang Out of User-Generated Content [Case Study]

Visual content marketing in this day and age is a tricky feat. Running a contest on Instagram can help bolster those efforts, as it's a practice that's proven to be highly beneficial for brands. If done right, sweepstakes can increase reach, grow followers, boost conversions and build deeper connections — all major KPIs for businesses deploying resources to the 'Gram.

The thing is, the social marketing ecosystem has grown more sophisticated, users have become wiser, the demand is increasingly challenging to keep up with, and the obstacles are incessant. A rudimentary contest simply won't cut it anymore, no matter how high you're riding on influence and brand cachet.

The answer to reaching the apex of success through a prize-yielding activation lies in UGC content. Astute companies are already onto this, but the most clever ones also turn to Dash Hudson to really understand how far their contest's visual content has taken them. One of those brands is British retailer Jack Wills, a heritage label with a booming Instagram audience.

Jack Wills decided to stage a contest to get their followers excited about summertime.😎 The team knew this would be a fantastic way to get fans engaged, but they were also aware that taking things to the next level was necessary to render their efforts ironclad. Not only did Dash Hudson's Spirit on-site UGC gallery help extend the sweepstakes beyond Instagram, but the panoply of robust tools within the platform enabled Jack Wills to properly monitor all the contest-related activity as well.

We've broken down every step of how Jack Wills achieved sweepstakes success in our latest Instagram marketing case study. Get it today to find out how Jack Wills was able to:

  • Supervise the engagement on their contest content.
  • Encourage their followers to create original posts to enter the sweepstakes.
  • Monitor their account's reach through the contest UGC and unique hashtag.
  • Determine the exact number of submissions via the creation of original content.
  • Measure the campaign results in real time.
  • Use Dash Hudson's exclusive Spirit on-site gallery solution to enrich the activation.

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In a crowded fashion retail landscape, it is essential for forward-thinking brands to find innovative ways to deepen connections with consumers. For British fashion and lifestyle brand Jack Wills, developing relationships with fans is core to the company’s values. The interactive and visual nature of Instagram has made it the perfect medium for the contemporary heritage brand to engage with its customers, showcase the quality of its product, and express its youthful spirit. The Jack Wills team knew that as they headed toward summer, they needed a unique approach to cut through the haze.

All Hands on Deck

While crafting their summer campaign, the team at Jack Wills came up with an Instagram contest that would engage the adventurous spirit of their customers. The concept was simple: encourage followers to share their travel photos by tagging @JackWills and using the #JWTravels hashtag. The prize? An all expenses paid trip for the winner and three friends to The Yacht Week in beautiful Croatia. No big deal. Jack Wills turned to Dash Hudson to amplify the reach of the contest on Instagram and its website, to track entries, and to measure the success of the initiative.

The goal? To deepen the brand’s relationship with followers, grow its audience, generate beautiful branded images, and foster engagement.

It was great to be able to keep up to date on the contest performance moment to moment, allowing us to be reactive as well as to see engagement figures at a glance. -Emily Davis, Brand Content and Social Media Manager

To learn more about the outcome of the contest and how Jack Wills used Dash Hudson's Spirit on-site galleries to fuel their efforts, download the Instagram case study PDF now for free.

We've sang the praises of UGC countless times; now there's actual social proof. Capitalizing on fan content is made easy by embedding the best of what your community creates onto your website. Showing endless love means receiving it as well. 💕 The figures speak for themselves.

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