Kendall Jenner as the Aritzia Super Puff Girl: A Look at the Instagram Hype

Kendall Jenner Oct 24, 2018

We're not obsessed with the KarJenners, you are.

In our ongoing obsession fascination with the whole Kardashian-Jenner krew, we've been particularly intrigued by the general lack of exposure fatigue from the famous family. No matter how omnipresent they seem to be, people just want more, more, more. Even those who claim to be over it can't resist the bait when they're involved... I've heard.

Moving right along. A few weeks ago, we dug into the success of the Kardashian campaign for Calvin Klein. A couple of years ago, we investigated the results of the Kendall Jenner x Magnum ice cream activation. And here we are again today putting one of the supermodel's collaborations under the Instagram microscope.

Aritzia, a popular retailer with the stylish Millennial set, has just unveiled Kendall Jenner as the face of its prime winter piece: the Super Puff parka. The brand deployed a huge influencer campaign around the coat last year to generate hype for the frosty weather staple. It seems to have worked, as the Super Puff is back, and this time in twenty eight various color iterations.

Aritzia's Instagram strategy is robust to begin with—the brand posts consistently, lines up fantastic influencer campaigns based on collection releases, has created an incredibly well-balanced content mix, and straight up nailed its narrative. Its buzzy Instagram feed was ripe and ready for a complete social bomb, and for the fall 2018 Super Puff campaign, Aritzia did not hold back.

This year, Kendall Jenner, arguably one of the most famous women in the world, is the ultimate face of the Super Puff. But the coat's campaign actually began with fellow model/Insta star Isabelle Peschart, followed by Rocky Barnes of equal if not greater Insta fame, all leading to the pièce de résistance—super mega intergalactic star Kendall Jenner.

Here's what happened so far on IG: Aritzia has posted three assets featuring Kendall, along with six Instagram story cards, which can be found in a special IG Story highlight on their profile page. Meanwhile, the model herself has posted two images and story cards, clearly as a part of her contract, conspicuously tagging #AritziaPartner. Let's dig into the initial results of the campaign to see the impact on the Aritzia account. Juicy!

First things first, Aritzia's inaugural post with KJ in the Super Puff absolutely crushed the game. It reached an engagement rate of 5.03%, which is leaps and bounds above the company's already pretty great average of 1.23%. The second Kendall image was posted a few days later and received a 2.67% engagement rate, which is not as prolific, but super impressive nonetheless.

Now let's look at the impact of Kendall's posts on the Aritzia account. First up, the Relationship IQ results: like we mentioned, Kendall posted twice about Aritzia, the first image achieving an engagement rate of 3.05% to her 3.01% average. Pretty sweet for an #ad.

We can see in the graphic below that this post brought an estimated 1,722 new followers to the Aritzia account. The second post is from this very morning, and therefore too recent for the stats to have populated, but if we take a look at the graph below, which is Aritzia's hourly follower gain, you can see the spike that resulted from the Kendall post. She drew 880 new followers to the brand's account in just one hour. To give you an idea of how monumental that is, Aritzia's daily average is 245 new followers.

Kendall Jenner Aritzia super puff
Kendall Jenner Aritzia super puff

On October 17th, both Kendall and Aritzia posted about the collab, resulting in a 5,132 follower spike for the brand's account in just 24 hours. Like a rocket ship.
Kendall Jenner Aritzia super puff

While this is still an ongoing campaign, we added all of the images to a Board in order to get an ensemble view of the initial results. So far, the entire campaign's engagement rate is 2.87%, more than double the brand's average, and has reached almost a million users with just three posts. This is going to climb some more, as the most recent image was posted earlier today, and there might be more coming.
Kendall Jenner Aritzia super puff

Here's the deal. Kendall Jenner was a super smart investment for Aritzia. She's on-brand for the retailer, whose target demographic deems the leggy Jenner as #goals. Looking at these preliminary Instagram results, there's no doubt that they'll be selling a lot of Super Puffs this season. And if the brand maintains all these brilliant social initiatives, its social presence is certainly going to keep skyrocketing.

In the meantime, we can't wait to see how the rest of the campaign unfolds on Insta. We'll be watching.

Header image: @aritzia

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Kendall Jenner Aritzia super puff