The Kendall Jenner Instagram Effect: Magnum Proportions

instagram May 18, 2016

How to telegraph cachet and indulgence on Instagram to a very broad audience? By commissioning Kendall Jenner, duh.

Dare to indulge with @KendallJenner and #MagnumDouble. Dare to take time for pleasure. #ReleaseTheBeast

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Yes she Cannes!

Take a scroll through Magnum Ice Cream’s Insta feed and the message of luxury and decadence quickly becomes apparent. Up until last week, it was rich in dreamy frozen bars (who knew that diamonds were edible?!), but the brand has since taken it up a level (or 10) during last week’s Cannes Film Festival. Their gallery's content shifted its focus to all things Kendall during the weeklong event, and driving engagement within the luxury sector happens to be miz Jenner's specialty. Teehee.

Through the recruitment of various Instagram ‘It’ girls, Magnum has been making a concerted effort to associate themselves with the Good Life (capital letters). Leading up to the festival, the brand worked with a mix of influencers ranging from relatively smaller (Sandra Willer), to mid-sized (Veronica Ferraro, Caroline Daur), to power level (Stefanie Giesinger, Alexandra Pereira). An appropriate way to kick things off pre-Kendall bomb. Names of this caliber don't push ice cream very often, so we were curious to see what the impact would be on a brand that has only recently passed the 200K mark.

To offer proper perspective, we observed Magnum's Instagram activity over the past month, which included a promotion featuring London cool girl Suki Waterhouse. We then used 3 key metrics (Engagement, Reach and Follower Growth) to assess the ROI of their recent marketing efforts. Top influencers may help to offer the occasional boost, but don't quite hold a candle next to A-lister KJen.

With that in mind, Magnum had a great week. Let's gander.

Metric #1: Engagement
With an average engagement rate of 1.77%, Magnum sits over and above that of the average brand on Insta (~1%). This past week, however, it’s clear that fans have been exceptionally enthusiastic about Kendall in Cannes. In fact, the double chocolate dipped bar video is currently their top post of all time, coming in at 4.5%.

![Top posts of the week in relation to Magnum’s total average engagement rate.](/content/images/2016/05/Magnum-ice-cream-top-instagram-posts-of-the-week-.jpg)Top posts of the week in relation to Magnum’s total average engagement rate.

An exclusive glimpse of what we’re revealing in Cannes tomorrow #ReleaseTheBeast @KendallJenner.

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Magnum’s top post of all time. Kendall kills konstantly.

Magnum hosted a star-studded party amidst the festival to promote their brand. Referring to the graph below, it’s clear to see that they received a large influx of love on the day following the event. This beats their regular action by nearly 60 times. Big deal? Oh yeah.

![Magnum’s likes per day over the past month](/content/images/2016/05/Magnum-ice-cream-instagram-likes.jpg)Magnum’s likes per day over the past month.

Metric #2: Organic Reach (UGC) Magnum's account saw a significant spike in organic impressions thanks to UGC during and after their event. Posts featuring Magnum reached nearly 60M users over the past month with the help of all the influential instagrammers listed above. But even with tags coming from names like Suki prior to hitting the Cannes carpet, Kendall piloted their peak. Nothing quite compares to an endorsement from KJ, thankyouverymuch.

Influencers, let alone celebrities, tend to have an extremely loyal following, and typically incur higher engagement rates than brands. People look to these beautiful folks in enviable scenarios for what to wear and what to post. And what Kendall does, what users double tap. Case in point: Magnum's organic reach spiked since the elder Jenner bestowed her magic touch upon it.

Lucky for them, their bars are incredibly photogenic and summer is just around the corner, ripe for all kinds of UGC pickins far after the star's contract expires.

![Magnum’s organic reach over the past month.](/content/images/2016/05/Magnum-ice-cream-s-instagram-organic-reach.jpg)Magnum’s organic reach over the past month.

Metric #3: Followers
It’s no surprise that after a surge in engagement and UGC that their audience growth followed a similar pattern. Their account grew by almost 4% in one single day, also attracting some pretty important new fans. The biggest being Kris Jenner, who is now their top follower, thanks to her 12M+ reach.

![Magnum’s follower growth over the past month](/content/images/2016/05/Magnum-ice-cream-instagram-follower-growth-curve.jpg)Magnum’s follower growth over the past month.
Hey, Kris.

Although the cost of doing business with these big names can be astronomical, the results speak for themselves - they are extremely effective.

Following the Cannes run, Magnum tapped model celeb spawn Hailey Baldwin to promote the company's new Soho dipping bar in NYC. Having reaped the exposure benefits of the Jenner machine, they’re continuing to leverage the power of the ‘It’ girl to keep their Instagram magnum momentum, all while aligning their brand image to them.

With names like these toting their bars, we suspect we'll be observing an increase in Magnum UGC this summer. Glam Ice cream selfies, here we come!

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Jenny Pratt

Vice President of Customer Success at Dash Hudson