Instagram KPIs: Here are the Bridal Industry Benchmarks

kpis Jun 20, 2018

True story: bridal season is in full swing.

We put together the industry's average Instagram KPIs for businesses cashing in on the matrimonial momentum. Time to benchmark the results of all that timely social marketing!

Aka put a ring on it. 💍

Here comes the bride!

We've been talking about Instagram KPIs quite a bit recently, and for good reason—they're a critical component of social media marketing measurement. Key performance indicators act as a barometer of success, making KPI reporting one of the greater useful exercises for any social marketer.

Let's do a quick recap on what the top Instagram KPIs are to measure your ROI and the success of your account. First, we have organic reach, which is the number of impressions that your brand receives thanks to other accounts posting about it. It's v v v important because it's one of the greatest vehicles for exposure and discoverability.

Then we have growth rate, aka your follower increase ratio. This can be benchmarked on either a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the KPI reporting you need at the time. Monitoring your brand's Instagram growth is essential for understanding the health of your account, and where you should be focusing your efforts.

Finally (and perhaps the queen of Instagram KPIs), we have engagement, which tells you what ratio of your audience has interacted with your content by either liking or commenting on it. Your post engagement percentage can be calculated with this basic equation:

**(Likes + Comments) ÷ No. of Followers = Average Engagement Rate**

This KPI is literally the most indicative of your content's success because it's direct evidence that your posts are resonating with your followers. It's important to convert your engagement into a percentage to put all of your posts on an even playing field as your account grows.

To recap: these three key performance indicators work in tandem to reflect the health of your Instagram marketing activities. They're all related to one another, are intrinsically connected, and indicative of both wins and shortcomings. They provide all the lowdown to inform your strategy and measure your social media ROI.

But to fully understand how things play out in your industry and where you stand as it relates to your competitors, it's also pretty useful to know what kind of average numbers are floating around near you. For that reason, we went ahead with Instagram KPI reporting on all major sectors in which we operate to extract the averages for benchmarking.

If your brand belongs to one of the following categories, click on it to get your report:

[L U X U R Y](
[F A S H I O N](
[B E A U T Y](
[T R A V E L](
[F O O D](
[P U B L I S H I N G](

Now in honor of bridal season, aka the month of June, we thought we'd do the same for all those wonderful businesses that make tying the knot an even better experience. Wedding-focused brands will certainly want to dig into Instagram KPI reporting once all the madness subsides from June's lift and before the second round of mania in September.

If you're one of those brands, you're in the right place. Below are the results of our Instagram KPI benchmark report for the bridal sector. Here are the numbers you've been waiting for!

Organic Reach

Average: 1.5 Million
Top 3:

@weddingdream - 14 million

[@strictlyweddings](" target="blank) - 13.4 million

@theknot - 10.5 million

Weekly Growth Rate

Average: 0.48%
Top 3:

@lovestoriestv - 4.09%

@sarehnouri - 2.55%

@vibes_jewelry - 2.36%


Average: 1.1%
Top 3:

@alexander.sparks - 6.83%

@vibes_jewelry - 4.93%

@rahaminovdiamonds - 4.83%

Now drag this infographic cheat sheet onto your desktop for quick referral when needed:

kpis, kpi reporting

It isn't exactly surprising that the bridal industry's KPI benchmarks are high—it's a notably commercial sector that trades in emotional currency. People are intensely sensitive to their big day and any nuptial-centric business has the upper hand on social thanks to that strong sentiment translating to high engagement, rapid growth, and social shareability.

Looks like social marketing is saying I Do to the bridal sector. Wait, do you hear that? Yup, wedding bells. 💒

kpis, kpi reporting

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