Fireside Chat with GQ Magazine: How to Create, Measure & Strengthen Performance on Social

dash hudson Apr 19, 2017

Earlier this month, our CEO/co-founder took the stage at the Digipublish World Forum Distrupt for a fireside chat with our friends in high places. Our very own Thomas Rankin sat down with Rochelle Stewart, Conde Nast's director of digital strategy, and Mike Hofman, GQ Magazine's digital director, to dig deep into social media strategy.

It was a doozy.

Aside from learning that Thomas is particularly fond of soccer, the discussion between our three experts was centered around strategy on social. Breaking down the four pillars of Conde Nast's social media strategy, they explored how the publishing giant is positioning itself as an innovative industry leader thanks to forward-thinking initiatives, which are are scaled across the 22 brands in their portfolio. No doubt about it, Conde is ahead of the digital race among magazine publishers.

Their big task at hand is developing game plans to reconcile the editorial and revenue aspects of their business. Rochelle Stewart goes on to explain how keeping up with the landscape's constant evolution and the consumer's changing needs is a priority for them. That means working with big data to inform strategies for their 22 brands, and to solidly anchor their identity on social channels. Because it's one thing to have a presence, but it's another to be there in a relevant capacity.

There were tactical conversations about marketing on Instagram, measuring content performance, and account growth with GQ magazine's Mike Hofman. He explained that being a very visual entity to begin with, it was a no-brainer to run with Instagram as their main social channel to focus on audience-building. While engagement tends to get compromised as follower count increases, @GQ's account managed to exponentially accumulate followers while also seeing a rise in their engagement.

Along with those KPIs, the publication was also able to grow their site traffic and revenue as they strengthened their efforts. They now find themselves in a very favorable position: @GQ is the largest account in the menswear/lifestyle niche. NBD. GQ online or bust!

Hit play on the video below to listen to their chat, where you'll learn how fast social revenue is growing for Conde Nast, what effective Instagram strategy looks like, and how to scale with success. Among many other things. Like how far Thomas' love for soccer goes.

Conde Nast continues to stay ahead of the curve by constantly making new strides on the digital front. In fact, [Bon Appétit magazine just released their May 2017 cover](, which was shot with an iPhone. That's how you win a race.

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