Merry Christmas From the DH Fam!

holiday special Dec 24, 2017

Sleigh bells ring and we're all ears. We hope you're reading this with something festive (and spiked) in hand, whether or not your dreams of a white Christmas have been manifested.

From our family to yours, we want to wish you the merriest of Christmases, surrounded by loved ones and, if you're lucky, puppies. No matter what you celebrate, the spirit of the season remains the same for all of us: joy, gratitude, happiness, giving, lots of food, tons of wine, family time.


On this 24th of December, we'd like to take the time to reminisce on the year's favorite moments, because it's always good to look back before looking forward. To help you get to know us better, we asked members of our team to recount one of their favorite occurrences of the year, whether personal or professional.

Grab yourself a snack and get nestled by the fire (unless you're in Cali or Oz, in which case, we envy you) – it's walking-down-memory-lane o'clock.

Laura Park, Demand Generation Senior Manager

My favorite moment of 2017 was marrying my best friend and biggest support system! (and a close second, or possible tie, would be when my hubby bought me the most perfect mini labradoodle 😍)
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Mariana Rittenhouse, Senior Director of Brand Strategy

I travel A LOT—I took over 100 flights in 2017 and was never in one place for too long. So this year, my favorite moments were the little ones that involved kicking back and relaxing with my team, friends, and family. Like that time the sales team got a little competitive throwing axes in Halifax 👇!

Michaela Atkinson, Marketing Manager

One of my highlights of 2017 was hanging out with my brother and one of my best friends in London, England where they both live! We checked out a music festival, ate amazing food, and went to an incredible Burberry exhibit at Old Sessions House. Here I am right before the show enjoying an Americano. 👌🏼
dash hudson favorite moments of the year

Anthony Miao, Senior Designer

Spring is a happy season because the winter is finally over for most people, but I’m a winter chaser. My favourite moment of 2017 was on the snow of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains with 3 of my snowboarding buddies. Nothing beats the feeling of cruising big mountains!
dash hudson favorite moments of the year

Kate Andrews, Marketing Intern

My favourite moment of the year was in May when I went to the SPCA to *inquire * about adopting or fostering a cat. Although my plan was only to find out more information about this potential commitment, I ended up meeting the kitty of my dreams and adopted him on the spot! I named him Felix and we've been inseparable ever since, 8 months later and he still follows me room to room!
best moments of the year dash hudson

Emma Bundschuh, Brand Strategist

My favorite memory from 2017 was getting my little fluff ball of joy, Amelia! She brings a smile to my face every day, all day. ❤️🐱

Helicopter cat mom🐱

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Nicole Hamm, Brand Strategist

2017 has been a whirlwind! My favourite moment came in March with the birth of my first nephew, Baylan Cole. He stole my heart immediately and has been the biggest source of laughter and love for my whole family. ❤️
Best moment sof the year dash hudson

Danica Calderhead, Brand Strategist

Rather than going abroad, we chose to spend our vacation exploring a Canadian province we haven't yet visited. We spent two weeks in Newfoundland's Gros Morne Provincial Park. It was breathtaking!

It's a lot colder than it looks. #explorenfld #canada150

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Grace Levy, Brand Strategist

In May, I graduated with my Masters in European and Russian Affairs from the University of Toronto, which was a huge achievement for me! I don’t think that I’ll ever forget the majestic feeling of closing all of my internet tabs after passing in my thesis. 🥂
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Anna Seviour, Brand Strategist

Professionally, my favorite part of this year has been meeting all of the incredible people that make up this team. I am so incredibly grateful to be here!
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Ian Earle, Software Developer

My favourite part of the year was visiting San Francisco for the first time! I had never been to the west coast of the United States before, and I certainly won't forget the warm breeze and the palm trees.
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Emily MacKinnon, Brand Strategist

My favourite memory of 2017 was walking across Convocation Stage at Mount Allison University and accepting my Bachelor of Commerce degree from Peter Mansbridge! Within the same week, I started working here at Dash Hudson — two major milestones back to back! 🍾🎓
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Lainie Smith, Customer Success Team

My favourite memory from this year was a family vacation to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (🤓 alert). My family lives in three cities around North America and it was the first time we had all been together in two years. I don’t get to see my nephew often, so experiencing one of my favourite childhood stories in real life for the first time with him was extremely special.
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Tomek Niewiarowski, Co-Founder and CTO

My favorite moment of the year would be evening cruising on my bike around the wavy roads of Nova Scotia :) I always wanted to buy a motorbike but never dared until now :) It's hard to describe that freedom you feel when it's only you and the open road with no specific destination.
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Thomas Rankin, Co-Founder and CEO

Hot days and ice cream with these two squirrels. Nothing beats disconnecting and spending time on PEI in the summer. An island oasis amidst a world of chaos.
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Meggan Marcipoint

I had two standout moments in 2017: joining the DH team in the new year, and buying a new home in the spring with my cute lil fam.
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Sarah Eppler, Brand Strategist

Looking back on my year, one moment that sticks out would be traveling around Western Canada in a VW van with my family! Driving around in Iggy (yes, my dad named her Iggy after Iggy Pop), we were able to explore the beauty that the great white north has to offer!
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Hannah Graham, Customer Success Team

The best moment of the year for me was buying my first house (we won't talk about the 6 month renovation process though)! 🏡🙃
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Jenny Pratt, Customer Success Manager

One of the best parts of 2017 for me was all of the DH customer visits! It’s always so nice to put faces to the emails and spend time with some of the best in the biz. A highlight was visiting ColourPop Cosmetics and learning about their unique business model; how everything is done on-site from conceptualization to marketing to manufacturing to packaging and shipping. Here is me, Mariana, and Thomas (L-R) geeking out after a "tour" of their production facilities. So many colors! So much glitter! So cool!
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Celia Peters, Brand Strategist

2017 brought some great moments — my favourite being traveling Europe with with my love...not knowing he had a ring tucked away in his bag. In perfect form, he waited until we were home with the beach to ourselves, and popped the big question.
Best moments of the year dash hudson

Hélène Heath, Senior Editor

As for me, your faithful DH blog author, my most memorable moment of the year came when my baby brother —he cringes every time I refer to him in such appellation— walked down the aisle. It was literally the best, most fun and sentimental wedding I've ever been to. I never felt closer to my family than I did on that day, I acquired a sister (finally!), and we made memories for life. Here I am below with my two brothers, right after our youngest (in the middle) said "I do." 💍🤵🏼🤗
Best moments of the year dash hudson

We hope you're having a great holiday season and resting up for 2018. We have a feeling it's gonna be 🔥.

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