And Miss Universe 2015 Is... Not Miss Colombia

The age-old institution where the most gorgeous (and talented? debatable) women from every country battle it out for the title of reigning beauty queen of the universe recently got the world talking way beyond anything it's seen in years. And by world we mean social media.

The organization can thank none other than Steve Harvey for the snafu brilliance.

It's true, some people find beauty pageants offensive (seriously though, the swimsuit competition is still around) and categorically archaic. But there's no denying that they provide endless entertainment, have yielded some pretty awesome movies and spawned a handful of real superstars.

Live Television is a Beautiful Thing
And then once in a while, a bomb of amazingness like what happened this week will drop like a confetti explosion of social media fodder. With the memes multiplying by the nanosecond and video shares spreading like wildfire, it's safe to say that the Miss Universe pageant hasn't experienced this level of popularity in years.

Let's just rewind for a sec and recap what happened with this gem of a video. Again. For the 10th time. Try to surmount the awkwardness.

A real treasure trove of memes.

Oh, the torture! For all parties involved, truly.

Poor Steve, who undoubtedly felt like crawling into a dark hole only to never return, as the exact opposite had to be done: admitting to a gargantuan mistake in front of millions while crushing a poor young woman's hopes and dreams by crowning-then-decrowning her. Face palm times one thousand.

For feigned Miss Colombia, who wholeheartedly thought she had this one in the bag. The profound authenticity of her adrenaline-fueled winner emotions were touching, to say the least, making that oops moment even more bewildering. (Although if you ask her, there was no mistake.)

For confused Miss Philippines, who downright wasn't exactly sure what was happening (a little nudge from new BFF Miss USA helped her along), and was robbed of her glorious winning moment, seeing as Miss Colombia took the spotlight first, stealing all of the anticipation felt by basically everyone watching.

So many emotions.

What made it even better live TV? The fact that once the flub was 'fessed, all parties involved failed to do anything about it for what seemed like an eternity. The former Miss Universe who was there to pass down the crown clearly felt uneasy - rightfully so - about removing the bedazzled headdress from Colombia's melon, while Philippines had made her way back to the front of the stage, more than ready for rectification.

You just can't make up this kind of palpable tense discomfort.

Memes Abound, Viewing Pleasure Increases.
The only thing that could make this fiasco even more entertaining? Social media memes, duh! There are no words that could accurately describe the kind of fun the world had with this, um, situation. The blunder was still in its trenches when the first memes appeared, and they just kept coming and being repurposed.

Just how much fun? Let's observe the Instagram impressions. The image below demonstrates that the #MissUniverse hashtag reached almost 115 million organic impressions on the night of the pageant. We can also see beneath the peak that the photos contributing to that reach include plenty of memes, meaning that the number would have been significantly lower sans gaffe.

This is likely the closest the Miss Universe pageant ever was to reaching the universe.

The #SteveHarvey hashtag was basically a direct repercussion of his blunder, going from 0 impressions to almost 30 million in two days combined.

Survey says, you can totally become more popular following the screw up of a lifetime.

It wouldn't be right if we omitted some of our favorite memes in this post. Here are a few that really made us chuckle.

Can't you just hear Oprah's voice saying this?

No votes for the Colombiana. #sorrynotsorry

Pretty sure these types of fake outs will follow him for the rest his career.

Wait, lemme read the card again. Also note that the genius who made this did not know how to correctly spell Philippines.

This is to be watched with volume, absolutely.

Even Burger King got in on the action. Because, obviously.

The conspiracy theorists have already started calling this out as a publicity stunt, but wouldn't that just be a very cruel one involving a few too many bystanders? It's also pretty clear that mister Harvey felt not only extremely pained during the event, but he demonstrated honest remorse over the whole thing, taking to Twitter, as one does, to express his sentiments.

Other than that, he appears to be hiding from the media, which indicates that he's likely waiting for the whole thing to blow over. An obvious admission of regret rather than a reaction to an orchestrated mix-up, if you ask me.

Conspiracy or honest mistake? Dun dun dun.

And while we know we shouldn't be entertained by someone's misfortune, it definitely feels like this fail is actually a good thing for all parties involved. It's been proven time and time again: there is no such thing as bad publicity. Period.