The Most Interesting Team USA Athletes to Follow on Instagram During the Olympics

instagram Aug 05, 2016


The weather today in Rio is AMAZING! #WeLoveRio

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The #roadtorio hasn't been an easy one (you know why), but now that the events are ready to get on with, the world is abuzz about the fun part: sports. Yes, some would consider that to be fun. Jk.

Let's shift our attention to one of the most important components of the Games (capital G): the athletes, duh! The star players who are the object of fascination for mbillions of patriots rooting on their country in what could be the most pride-inducing event for even the least of nationalists out there.

The pros who make the Olympic rings go 'round are at the very heart of the biennial event, holding their country's hopes and dreams in the palm of their hands. No pressure. Some of them are already celebs in their own right, while others are rising stars on the scene. Either way, folks from California to the New York island are excited about them and, more importantly, giddy with anticipation of bearing witness to medal acquisitions (gold, preferably).

Olympians do their best work out there when performing, but in the age of social media intensity, they still find the time to tend to their smart phone activities by posting personal moments on the 'Gram about their very public lives. Just like in sports, some are better at it than others.

So who should you follow during the Olympics - and beyond, if you're keen - for a peek into the games, the living quarters, and other kinds of juicy action? The answer lies yonder.

Here are the 12 most interesting Team USA Instagram accounts that you should be following.

Name: Michael Phelps
Sport: Swimming

Likely the most important athlete of the entire games. Watch him carry the flag tonight during the opening ceremony and wear <a href="" target=É_blank">that jacket that lights up c/o Ralph.
Michael Phelps best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Seriously? Serena Williams
Sport: Tennis

Kind of the biggest celebrity participating in the entire Olympic games, but her fame is only met with the stuff legends are made off: the title of best women's tennis player of all time. 'Nuff said.
Serena Williams best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Gabby Douglas
Sport: Gymnastics

We watched her grow up and blossom from an elite gymnast to professional athlete. And to celebrity. Girlfriend even has her own emoji.
Gabby douglas best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Simone Biles
Sport: Gymnastics

Another star in the female gymnastics team, this little lady is also very active on Insta, which could make watching the games from her lens all the more fun.
Simone Biles best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Hope Solo
Sport: Soccer

Soccer players don't tend to be well known (name one player on the men's team), but the ladies have defied those odds with a team of superstars that are even leading the charge for equal pay, with Hope Solo at the helm.
Hope Solo best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Rickie Fowler
Sport: Golf

Golf is making its big Olympic comeback this year and while a bunch of pro golfers opted to keep at a safe distance from Zika by remaining on the homeland, Rickie is taking one for the team.
Rickie Fowler best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Mikaela Mayer
Sport: Boxing

Two words: badass babe.
Mikaela Mayer best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Natasha Hastings
Sport: Track and Field

She's fast, she's cool as hell and she updates her Instagram often. Catch her if you can!
Natasha Hastings best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Ibtihaj Muhammad
Sport: Fencing

Fencing hasn't gotten this much buzz since, well, ever. Ibtihaj is the first-ever American to compete for team USA in the Olympics in a hijab, which doesn't seem like it should be a big deal, but it is. Huuuge. (See what I did there?) She's one to watch!
Ibtihaj Muhammad best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Jordan Burroughs
Sport: Wrestling

He won gold at the last summer Olympics. Will he do it again?
Jordan Burroughs best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Carlin Isles
Sport: Rugby

Before you discount rugby, think of it as football's more sophisticated older brother. And we can always count on Carlin.
Carlin Isles best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Name: Jacob Gibb
Sport: Volleyball

One of the funnest sports to watch in action can only make for a fun Instagram to follow.
Jacob Gibb best team USA athletes to follow olympics

Let the Games begin.

Who are you favorite Olympic athletes to follow on Insta? Let us know in comments below or Tweet at us!