The Most Popular Content Trends on Instagram Right Now

instagram Dec 02, 2016

Instagram content has evolved in the past year and we've noticed some new trends emerge in the galleries of the cool folk of influence.

Here's a tally of our observations.

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So many Instagram content trends in 1 photo!

We've come a long way from crotch shots and the ubiquitous #fromwhereistand. Just like everything else in this world, Instagram content has evolved from the selfie (and from Kev's foot). It was only a matter of time before people would start getting tired of seeing a different version of the same thing over and over and over again. While most of the popular compositions of yore had a more DIY nature to them, the Insta galaxy has progressed into a zone where extremely high quality productions feign organic qualities.

People have inevitably become more demanding with the quality of images they issue double taps for - the pool of insanely talented instagrammers out there has spoiled us with ridiculously amazing shots that get consumed by millions every single day. We used to point out time and again that overly staged, heavily produced images didn't perform well on Insta, and while this is still a truism today, the content that's surfacing now is leaning a lot more towards professional photography than the mirror selfies of yesteryear.

But it comes with a twist: these images appear to be manicured en masse, but they still allude to a lifestyle that telegraph a certain organic nature. It's aspiration on steroids. In fact, while style influencers were once about shamelessly showcasing their wares on the daily, the new approach is to present their audiences with all things aesthetic-oriented. Outfits are fun, but this past year has revealed that these youngins are creative individuals who want to display more than just clothes. A lot of the very in-demand instagrammers have transformed their galleries into an exhibit of their creativity. They have an eye for style, but they also have one for all things everywhere, it seems. It's the nouveau artistic approach to lifestyle.

Below are the new Insta content trends we've seen surface in the past year. Composition is everything on the 'Gram and these users of influence are leading the charge.

Without further ado.

Chillin' on the Ground

A favorite among the style blogger circles, this type of photo is most popular among the girls who lean toward edgier fashion. Doesn't it just scream carelessness and nonchalance? Yup, casual.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-content-trends-sit-down-shot.jpg)Clockwise from left: [@andicsinger](, [@chiaraferragni](, [@charliemay](

Flash photography

Vivid and punchy, these types of shots are observed more and more on the 'Gram. Their glam factor makes them irresistible double tap fodder.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy flash photography](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-flash-photography.jpg)From left to right: [@lucywilliams02](, [@taylranne](, [@natalieoffduty](

Abstract Art

A lot of users are starting to curate their Insta space to reflect more than just their fashion taste, but to express their creative minds as a whole. Better start looking for that old art history book from college...

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy abstract art](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-abstract-art.jpg)From left to right: [@camillecharriere](, [@oraclefox](, [@meganadelaide](


Instagram users have become more demanding of influencers in terms of what posts they dispense likes for. Images have to be incredibly visually interesting. It's no wonder shots with cityscape backgrounds are more popular than ever.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy gallery walls](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-cituscapes.jpg)From left to right: [@rachmartino](, [@alice_gao](, [@rumineely](


Coined "Tumblr pink" by some an "millennial pink" by others, the girlie hue is continuing to make waves with its omnipresence.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy pink](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-pink.jpg)From left to right: [@lisadengler](, [@thegreylayers](, [@songofstyle](

Tiny Human, Giant World

This is a composition trend that has taken off like a rocket. It not only makes for killer shots, but it also allows people to showcase beautiful scenic locales in a non-cliché way. Talk about extra point of interest.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy tiny human](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-tiny-human.jpg)From left to right: [@garypeppergirl](, [@lucylaucht](, [@eggcanvas](

Gallery Walls

Interiors have become a huge deal on Insta and influencers have been guilty of posing in front of walls covered entirely with frames. Take note for both your next home haul and IG shoot.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy abstract art](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-gallery-walls.jpg)From left to right: [@tobruckave](, [@aguynamedpatrick](, [@weworewhat](


Plants are having a serious moment. They've become ubiquitous as decor elements, but they've also inched their way into all things fashion and lifestyle.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy foliage](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-foliage.jpg)From left to right: [@thehautepursuit](, [@sincerlyjules](, [@neonblush](

Cool chairs

It appears that a lot of decor elements have made their way into the Instagram feeds of other niches, suggesting that fashion and style accounts are slanting lifestyle nowadays.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy cool chairs](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-cool-chairs.jpg)From left to right: [@alwaysjudging](, [@niki_csanyi](, [@maryljean](


What is more interesting in this world than a really beautiful, interestingly shaped staircase? Not much. And the instagrammers took notice.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy staircases](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-staircases.jpg)From left to right: [@thedemeler](, [@tania_sarin](, [@thatsotee](

Elevated coffee scenarios

Coffee has always been an Insta winner and has been appearing in galleries for a long time now. But if you're going to be posting coffee shots these days, it shouldn't be just any old mug on a table. Giving context to your java scene by incorporating other compelling elements is the way to make it 'grammable.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy elevated coffee scenario](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-elevated-coffee-scenarios.jpg)From left to right: [@julesdenby](, [@arushikhosla](, [@chloecleroux](


Another unlikely popular trend that's made its way out of its otherwise very specific niche? Motored vehicles. Yup, you read that right.

![instagram marketing content trends social media strategy cars](/content/images/2016/12/instagram-marketing-content-trends-social-media-strategy-cars.jpg)From left to right: [@mija_ mija](, [@lusttforlife](, [@amy_stone](

As 2016 draws to a conclusion, it's interesting to put the 'Gram under the microscope and observe what the cool kids have been telling us what to like for the past few months. It's also incredibly fascinating to notice the difference between the direction in which this year's popular posts have been leaning in compared to 2015.

We have a healthy suspicion that these content trends will extend into 2017, all while continuing to progress. That's the beauty of the IG - the creative community producing content to share on the platform is an ongoing evolution that keeps getting better and better.

Have you observed any trends of your own? Let me know below, or email me to say hello!

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