No Selfies, No Problems: The Greatest Celeb Instagrams of the Met Gala

May 11, 2015

The Met Gala, or Costume Institute Gala, has been an annual fundraising event in NYC for the museum’s Costume Institute for several decades. And each year it seems like the red carpet is increasingly filled with athletes, movie stars, singers, and supermodels.

The Met red carpet is the place to show off your killer style and prove that you can take a fashion risk. This isn’t your average Hollywood carpet with boring ballgown stuff. Stars come dressed to kill in some of the most high-fashion, daring pieces of art that they can convince a designer to lend them. I mean, the word costume is in the title - it’s about being seen.

This year, the event’s chair, stone-cold Vogue editor Anna Wintour, instated a no selfie policy inside the event. You could fill up your camera roll before and after, just not during. Wintour loves to make up rules and exercise ultimate control (remember what a big deal it was a few years back when she finally let Kim attend but then she cropped her out of the pic of her and Kanye on the Vogue website?)

Rebel, rebel

Well, Kim and Ye were out in full force this year, but Kim shouldn’t assume she’ll get an invitation next year. She was among the selfie offenders (can you blame her? She’s publishing a book of selfies called Selfish), along with fellow rebels Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Despite his selfie transgressions, Biebs showed up on point and on theme. In a custom Balmain piece he knocked this year’s theme, China: Through The Looking Glass, out of the park. That handmade gold dragon embroidered velvet tuxedo jacket was a thing of beauty. But as he left the party, he couldn’t resist mouthing off about how beautiful his ex Selena looked at the gala. Is he just trolling us now?

Bitch better have Rih's cab ready

While we were all wondering what Beyonce was going to wear and when she was going to arrive, Rihanna showed up in the most meme-able look of the night. And yeah, sure it’s extravagant, and fur-lined, and enormous, and yellow, but it emphasizes the opulence of Chinese fashion and put a spotlight on Chinese-born designer Guo Pei. Also, RiRi killed it on Insta, taking tons of after-party shots, but stayed in the no selfie goodbooks. Good Gal RiRi?

Casual pre-Met underground garage photoshoot

And sure, cool designs are exciting, but there was a certain elevator incident that happened at last year's gala that was on all of our minds. So what do you do when people are still talking about that embarrassing, caught on tape fight between your hubby and your sis? DISTRACT. And how do you distract? By being fashionably late and posting a ton of Insta photos in what appears to be a garage while you're wearing just enough jewels to cover your bits. Well played, B. Well played.

And Solange didn't shy away either, wearing a dress that many said looked like the inside of molusk but I can only see as a Star Wars planetary system.

Is that Mr. Big?

And even though Queen B might protest the royal title, the real fashion queen of the Met Gala, and of NYC as a whole, showed up and won the red carpet. Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself, with date Andy Cohen in tow, embraced the night's theme with a custom-made Philip Treacy headpiece. Like RiRi, SJP paid tribute to the rich textures and colours of Chinese fashion, without treading dangerously close to cultural appropriation.

And we can't stop... taking selfies

So no elevator drama this year, just a few unsanctioned selfies. Now we wait and see what kind of wrath Wintour has for Miley and the gang.