On-Site Galleries: What They Are and How to Use Them

Ever notice how some retailers display beautiful galleries of Instagram images on their website? You're about to learn how you can join that club.

Below is a step-by-step guide to bringing the spirit of Instagram directly onto your website.

Take it from the 'Gram to the site.

Spirit on-site Instagram galleries are here, all hail! 🙌

As most of you already know, we launched embeddable boards a few months ago. It's an amazing functionality that we worked really hard to perfect for many reasons, but mostly because they're über useful. Not to mention that they look really cool. And pretty. And they're completely customizable.

They'll allow you to:

  • Leverage your best Instagram content on your website.
  • Increase your ecommerce conversion rate.
  • Develop additional monetization opportunities and expand revenue.
  • Show some love to your customers.
  • Grow the engagement on your website.
  • Give your branded social content a longer lifespan.

First, let's dive into how they work, then we'll get to strategic ways in which they can propel your social marketing efforts.💸

  1. Log into your Dash Hudson account. Once you're in the dashboard, head to the Boards section, where the embeddable function lives.

  2. Create a new Board, and proceed to add the images you're keen to put on display on your website. These can be pieces of earned or owned content, depending on what you want your Spirit gallery to reflect.

  3. Once you're happy with the images you've selected, you can add up to 7 product links to each one for customers to shop from. After your visuals and links are all added, it's time to transfer the whole thing onto your website. And you're in luck because the customizable options are plentiful and there to fulfill all of your requirements.

  4. To embed the Board onto your website, go into the one you created for this purpose and click embed. A pop-up window with all of the customization options will open. First, choose the format of how you want it to appear on your site. Pick between a gallery style grid or a carousel configuration.
    embed instagram feed onsite increase conversion rate ecommerce

After you've chosen your format, it's customization time: choose how many columns and rows you want to display, whether you want to add links to your images, and your call to action. Once you're happy with everything, copy the HTML code and add it to your website. Easy peasy!
embed instagram feed onsite increase conversion rate ecommerce

Curious to see what Spirit in the wild looks like? Look no further than social media masters REVOLVE where they've embedded their entire lust-worthy Insta gallery to shop from. If this doesn't make PYTs want to shop, I don't know what will.💥
REVOLVE embed instagram feed onsite increase conversion rate ecommerce

Elevated basics brand Splendid is all about showcasing how their customers wore their pretty pieces to inspire others to do the same. A sure way for their girl to picture herself looking just as cute.🍬
Splendid LA embed instagram feed onsite increase conversion rate ecommerce

Now that we've talked about the practical stuff, it's time to get to the fun part: strategy. The Spirit tool is a way to extend the lifespan of all that great branded content that gets shared on Instagram, whether it's owned or earned.

Below are 3 brilliant ways to use the Spirit gallery tool to facilitate website conversions and improve your ecommerce marketing.💯

1. Get your Instagram feed on your website.

Got lots of doozies on your Instagram grid that you wish your customers could shop from on desktop without having to go through Instagram itself? LikeShop is great and all, but sometimes making purchases on a bigger screen is more intuitive. Refer to the REVOLVE example from earlier.

And seeing as your Instagram content should technically provide a lifestyle context for your products, it can actually make for better sales material (more on that in point #2).

2. Show your customers some love.

Every single piece of user-generated content that your brand gets tagged in is your audience's way of wanting to be noticed by you. Demonstrate that you're not only paying attention, but also appreciative of their devotion by creating an on-site Board composed of UGC. Transferring your fan spirit directly into ecomm activity, natch.

And here's the kicker: UGC actually performs way better than professionally produced images, prompting more clicks and conversions by a long shot. Add all of your high quality earned content to a Board in your Dash Hudson Dashboard and watch your customers click to buy.

For example, @7fam's UGC gallery helps to provide context for their customers by enabling them to envision themselves wearing their pieces. 🚸
7fam 7 for all mankind embed instagram feed onsite increase conversion rate ecommerce

3. Highlight a new product launch or a particular collection.

Did you just come out with a collection of shoes? Or perhaps one specific item in your line is something you are well known for? The Spirit on-site galleries are an ideal way to showcase those pieces, whether they're coming from content that you're being tagged in by customers or your own Instagram posts.

4. Consolidate photos from a special event.

Did your brand recently throw a party? Or was it involved in some kind of event? We bet a lot of photos were taken and that a ton of important influential people attended. Put all of those visuals on a board to embed in a special section on your website, and give your fans yet another reason to want to be a part of your brand. FOMO central. 🆒

5. Make a contest gallery.

If you're running a contest on Instagram that requires users to create a post to enter, make a Spirit Board to showcase all the entries on your site. This kills two birds with one stone: your followers will feel a twinkle when they see their credited shot there, and it will make it that much easier for you to pick a winner when it comes time to close it out.

For example, Jack Wills is sending a lucky winner on holiday and asking their audience to use a specific tag on their entries. Easy way to consolidate all of them on a Board!
Jack Wills embed instagram feed onsite increase conversion rate ecommerce

Whether your goal is to take your shoppable Instagram online or to aggregate your user-generated content in one customized gallery, our on-site embeddable Spirit tool can help you build on your social media momentum while generating an additional revenue stream. You'll get a fully tailored branded visual display that will increase your engagement and sales in tandem — just make sure they are easily accessible to your site visitors to be able to fully reap all of their benefits!

This functionality is all about encapsulating that beautiful content's spirit and distributing it across a yet another visual touchpoint. 🖥

For quick reference, get your Spirit galleries cheat sheet.

For more information on our tools, get in touch today (right after you subscribe to our weekly newsletter below 👇).