Onia Does it Again: A Veritable Instagram Tour de Force

instagram Nov 24, 2015

Last spring, NYC-based luxury swimwear brand Onia pulled off one of the best influencer marketing campaigns we've ever witnessed. It was such a triumph that they went ahead and recreated the magic, this time with a different group of sought-after influencers.

Will a bunch of beautiful people gallivanting about the dreamy shores of Vietnam while wearing handsome maillots be a second recipe for Instagram success for the burgeoning brand? Let's find out.

Just call her mermaid Mary. Power blogger Mary Seng's killer content-creating skills lend themselves seamlessly to the Onia brand. Source: @happilygrey Instagram

On November 2nd, the Onia team and a commissioned army of highly influential Instagram style authorities took off for the great foreign land of Vietnam. The brand's Instagram account then stood at 14,272 followers, a pretty healthy number by any small brand standard. Ever the visionary, Onia had set its sights for greater horizons by sailing straight towards a second influencer campaign win. How apropos for a brand whose moniker means ship in Hebrew.

The Insta stars in tow?

Mr. Mafhud makes for the perfect resortwear model. Source: @tonymahfud Instagram

The lucky chosen ones all have what I like to call Power status: their audiences are incredibly large and their engagement levels eclipse the averages. An important factor, without a doubt, but meaningless if lacking the high quality content each of them are known for. The value for Onia is the combination of both: an engrossed following and a sense of aesthetic that aligns with the Onia style ethos.

A campaign like this has of a lot of layers to it, all of which need to be carefully orchestrated, from selecting the right influencers, to the right location, to the timing of its rollout and scheduling. Each of these parameters contribute to its success and a project of this scope can be well worth the spend when logistics are lined up, as Onia proves.

Olivia's audience is used to seeing her gallivanting about exotic locales in designer wear, which made her the perfect fit for the luxe swim label. Source: @lusttforlife Instagram

One of the things that stands out as particularly genius is the fact that all of the aforementioned moving parts came together to not only make a bang in the moment, but also to keep having an impact for days and months to come, as Onia leverages all of the content it acquired throughout the trip onto their own platforms.*

As of this time, their following has reached 15,995 - just shy of 16K - while their number was at 14.2K less than a month ago. And it's only growing from there. A campaign tour de force.

Time to take a gander at how the analytics looked throughout the journey. Enjoy the eye candy.

From the moment they announced the trip on November 2nd, Onia saw a big boost in audience acquisition, peaking at 331 new followers in one single day during the trip. After announcing their journey, their following began jumping drastically and grew at a rapid pace as the trip went on and as the influencers trickled in to join the trip.

Commissioning five power influencers will do something like this to your reach: in one single day, Onia's organic reach extended to 4,877,340. Below you can see all of the shots that contributed to that reach on that day, in order of influence. Slightly more than their average. Wink!

This ought to make anyone feel loved: likes totaled 7,050 in one single day. Again, smoking their average.

The most liked photo of the entire journey is this stunning shot from blogger behemoth Sonya Esman, ringing in at 142K likes. Just a regular day at the office. Source: @classisinternal Instagram

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*This is precisely why carefully selecting the right influencers for your campaign is crucial. Their aesthetic needs to be on par with that of your brand because you will want to repurpose the content they create for you. Not only will their image be associated with yours, but they'll be exposing your name to their audiences as well, which should technically be composed of followers who are fans of that image you're aligned with. This makes for both content and cachet acquisition.