This Battle Station is Fully Operational: The Force Awakens Blows Up Instagram on Opening Weekend

Dash Hudson works with aspirational brands to grow their audience and improve business results on Instagram. Sounds awesome, because it is. If you like Instagram, and care about Star Wars even a little, read on.

*Part I of our insights on Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Instagram can be found here. *

The new #squadgoals. Kylo Ren is a villain for a new generation.

First off, you will find no The Force Awakens spoilers here, so read on confidently and just enjoy the starkilling Insta data. The first part of our analysis of the assault of Star Wars on Instagram looked at how the brand performed from Dec 1 to Dec 16, the day prior to the movie's Thursday opening.

Here we will take a look at what happened over opening weekend, as the movie finally landed in theaters to thrill its audience of global fans.

These are the First Steps

With the reboot well underway, it's safe to assume that the Star Wars franchise is just getting started. The @starwars Instagram account added a whopping 153,290 followers from Dec 17 to Dec 20, growing to over 2.7m total.

Star Wars

Below is the most popular post from the @starwars feed in the last four days.

All Wings report in! #StarWars: #TheForceAwakens arrives TONIGHT! #movies #movie

A video posted by Star Wars (@starwars) on

Poe Dameron is one smooth mofo.

Looking at the reach of the @starwars Insta-galaxy (taking into account user photos in which @starwars was tagged in a photo or comment), a total of 182m were impacted in four days. Not bad considering @starwars reached 244m people in the Dec 1 - Dec 16 timeframe.

The biggest day over the opening weekend was, you guessed it, the Dec 18 opening day where @starwars reached almost 80m people.

So much Star Wars fan love.

I Could Show You the Ways of the Force. Hashtag, Star Wars.

Now for some serious action. In the four days over the opening weekend, posts featuring #starwars created 817m impressions, and was used an incredible 126,332 times. The biggest day was on opening day, where #starwars reached over 343m people.

Big ups, Star Wars hashtag. Big ups.

Here's our fav post from the Star Wars hashtag from opening weekend.

Also plays a nerd on TV.

Sweet mother of Skywalker. All told, through mentions and tags of @starwars and use of #starwars, the Star Wars brand created a total of 1B impressions in four days.

Rey has stolen our hearts and the box office.

An incredible run for Star Wars, and a fantastic movie. We whooped, grinned, laughed, and cried. What a Christmas gift. Go see it, and enjoy.