Getting the Q&A Treatment: Alixandra Weintraub From L'Oréal

the Q&A treatment Nov 16, 2015

In this digital day and age, it seems that the ones who hold the image of the coolest brands in their hands are almighty creatures who have some form of crazy superpowers. Spoiler alert: these completely fascinating people are actual humans, who hone their digital media sixth sense on the daily for some really rad companies, making them major brand MVPs. Turns out brains and an eye for beautiful things is a killer combo.

We wanted to know more about these ultra-compelling behind-the-scenes characters, so we're tapping some of our favorite digital editors to let us in on what their lives are like to fulfill all of our voyeuristic tendencies (yours, too, certainly). This week, we are chatting with Alixandra Weintraub from L'Oréal (she mans the L'Oréal Professionnel account). We know, we're jealous too.

An account for the hair pros. Call us obsessed.

To all beauty junkies out there: what is your ultimate dream? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that it would be to work in a place where the sole premise revolves around cosmetic products. Amiright?!

Only a lucky few get to experience that and today we get a chance to chat with one of those people: Alix, the woman behind the L'Oréal Professionnel Instagram account, is answering some of our most burning questions about what makes her tick.

Name and occupation: Alixandra Weintraub, Social Media Manager at L’Oreal.

1. What was your college major, and why did you choose it?
Majored in Communicational Media & PR, with an Associates in Art and a Certificate in Journalism. I’m a pretty outgoing and creative person. My mom is an artist and my dad’s a musician, so it was basically ingrained in my blood that boring would never be a word to describe my career. I went into college as your typical undecided Freshman who knew the things I loved in life and where I wanted to make my impact, but wasn’t quite sure which end of the job-world-spectrum I would fit best in. I initially started as an Art Major but soon after realized I was never going to be Picasso (insert bummer emoji here).

Girl's eyelash game is strong. We would expect nothing less from a L'Oréal lady.

2. Favorite part of the job?
The different people that I encounter in the social space. One holiday when I was working at Alexis Bittar, we posted a holiday card where Alexis was eating a huge gingerbread cookie. For whatever reason, the backlash was TREMENDOUS! Some thought it was extremely sacrilegious, while others felt it was too Christmas oriented and lacking empathy to those who celebrated Hanukkah. There was no winning that battle on social, so we just kept quiet and let it play out. People just missed the purpose of the card – it was completely innocent and meant to make everyone laugh.

3. Favorite social media platform and why?
Tumblr! I can share music I love, images that inspire me, quotes that I relate to or just upload the most random things ever on there. It’s my digital diary!

4. Three things you can’t live without?
Avocado, Starbucks Dirty Chai & Fall (I’d die before I lived somewhere that never got cold)

5. What’s on your travel bucket list?
I want to see every inch of the world. For now, I’m hoping to get to Iceland and Amsterdam within the next 6 months. After that, I’m aiming for Greece, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Dubai.......

Because even a city girl who loves fall can enjoy a exotic getaway in a tropical climate.

6. Who’s your style icon?
If I say Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, is that considered one person?

7. Biggest vice? (be honest)
Cheese! I could eat it alone or on, in or under any type of food on the planet. BUT I’m a good 99.9% Lactose Intolerant and have been for the past 20 years. Eating cheese kills my stomach. But for some reason I eat it anyways. #REBEL

8. Where can we find you on a Friday night?
On the couch watching a movie that’s either painfully disturbing, wildly funny or just plain odd.

Definitely one person.

While Alix prefers to keep a low social media profile to hang on to every inch of her personal life (amen, sister!), you can follow her on Tumblr, and catch a glimpse of her digital diary.