Getting the Q&A Treatment: Jessi Frederick from The Stylish Gambino

instagram Feb 08, 2016

We all love learning mundane things about the people who fascinate us, right? So in an effort to tap into our shameless voyeuristic tendencies, we started a Q&A series with the people of Instagram who tug at our heartstrings.

This week, one of our all-time favorite influencers, Jessi Frederick from the Stylish Gambino, is answering our super tough DH questions. It's kind of impossible not to fall in love with her. You'll see.

If you're a minimalism aficionado but have yet to hear of Jessi Frederick, prepare for your life to change. She's pretty much mastered the art of clean style and has an eye for curation like no other.

Her aesthetic is ultra specific, sharp, refined, and leaves no doubt as to who she is and what she is trying to convey, making her Instagram gallery incredibly refreshing and, not gonna lie, so addicting. Her very rare breed of starkness is alluring beyond the majority of what can be found on Instagram today.

Her grid is peppered with interesting close-ups of inanimate objects, but the photos she posts from her blog series, usually shot by her photographer-in-crime Daniela, are pure magic. Even better is that we can also attest to the fact that her radness translates to her personality; she's genuinely all-around awesome.

Read on to feast your eyes on some of her beautiful photos and to learn about her style icons, her guilty pleasure and her snacking persuasion.

Name yourself and your claim to fame: Jessi Frederick - Founder of

1. Where’s your home base and why do you love it?
Brooklyn. I live in a well-lit loft that has great selfie light.

2. Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Probably in bed, to be honest... I don't go out much.

3. Three things you can’t live without?
Oxygen, water, and my dog Lou.

4. What’s on your travel bucket list?
I've been dying to go to Stockholm. I haven't made it to Europe... or really anywhere outside of North & Central America.

5. What’s your biggest vice?
Watching the Real Housewives.

6. Coffee or tea?
Coffee in the AM, Tea in the PM.

🌬 Latest series on #StylishGambino with photos by @dirtyyydan

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7. Sweet or savory?

8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Seamless, in its entirety.

9. First celebrity crush?
Usher, 1994.

10. Who’s your style icon?
My mother & grandmothers. I'm very lucky to have them all in my life and they send me their old clothing often.

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