Getting the Q&A Treatment: Julie Denby from @julesdenby

the Q&A treatment Feb 22, 2016

We all love learning mundane things about the people who fascinate us, right? So in an effort to tap into our shameless voyeuristic tendencies, we started a Q&A series with the people of Instagram who tug at our heartstrings.

For this week's edition, we chatted with the ever-so-lovely Julie Denby from the addicting @julesdenby Instagram account. Prepare to have all of your cravings pertaining to super rad style, mouth-watering donut imagery and pretty latte art satisfied.

She sells sea shells by the seashore🐚 @chicwish

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Every once in a while, you stumble upon an Instagram account that you can't get enough of and that just seems to get better and better with each post. Rare they are, but Julie proves that they do exist, as she helms one of those elusive visual feasts of a gallery. Who needs a blog when you can just climb the Instagram charts?! URLs are so overrated.

Known for her cool-girl tomboy threads and documenting her way through the coffee shops that serve up the most photogenic cups of joe, she also always keeps it real with her amazing cheeky captions that reveal the most charming form of wit and self-deprecation. She's as sweet as she is funny, literally answering most of the hundreds of comments she receives per post, making her as approachable as she is aspirational.

Her eye for aesthetics is one of a kind, and while her food images are enough to make the most satiated human hungry again, she consistently credits her Instagram husband with helping her document her personal style.

Her Insta basically boils downs to really dope clothes and a dreamy-looking life. You'll be hitting follow, too, no doubt.

This jacket though...

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1. Where’s your home base and why do you love it?
Home base is in Connecticut! And I love it because it's close to both NYC and Boston!

2. Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Friday night you can find my hubby and me parked on the sofa, eating pizza, and watching Netflix. Literally every Friday, without fail.

3. Three things you can’t live without?
On a sentimental note: my husband! On a superficial note: my cellphone. On a practical note: caffeine!

I'm obviously waiting for someone to feed me grapes and fan me with palm leaves😂

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4. What’s on your travel bucket list?
Wyoming (I know totally random but seriously I have dreams of driving in a pickup truck. And if you haven't seen the show Longmire on Netflix then you wouldn't understand!)

5. What’s your biggest vice?

6. Coffee or tea?
Can I say both??! I really enjoy both haha

7. Sweet or savory?
It depends. I mean I can shove three donuts down my throat then want to eat hummus and pita chips. Just depends on my mood I guess!

8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Currently it's gossip girl. Yes, I'm 31 and binge watching Gossip Girl.

9. First celebrity crush?
I'm totally dating myself when I say this and I hope there's a few girls out there that remember him... Jonathan Taylor Thomas... the one and only JTT!!!!

10. Who’s your style icon?
Sincerely Jules! Love her whole vibe. And her tan can we talk about her tan?!

My challenge this weekend: pack everything for London in a carry on😳 📸 @lulamelissa

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