Getting the Q&A Treatment: Kenna Wynne-Jones from Bebe

instagram Nov 30, 2015

In this digital day and age, it seems that the ones who hold the image of the coolest brands in their hands are almighty creatures who have some form of crazy superpowers. Spoiler alert: these completely fascinating people are actual humans, who hone their digital media sixth sense on the daily for some really rad companies, making them major brand MVPs. Turns out brains and an eye for beautiful things is a killer combo.

We wanted to know more about these ultra-compelling behind-the-scenes characters, so we're tapping some of our favorite digital editors to let us in on what their lives are like to fulfill all of our voyeuristic tendencies (yours, too, certainly). This week, we are chatting with the lovely Kenna Wynne-Jones from Bebe.

Warning: you may get a perma-smile from the enthusastic energy that emanates from her photos.

Jackie O. vibes.

There is something about the Bebe girl that is so incredibly fun. She's chic, she's playful, she's flirty and she's strong - it's obvious when looking through their Instagram grid. The girl behind the account? Kenna Wynne-Jones, a bubbly social virtuoso who embodies the very essence of the brand she represents.

If you look through her own personal Insta feed, you'll quickly notice that a similar nature inhabits the photos: a very contagious joie de vivre can be immediately detected. Naturally, we wanted to discover more about the girl who so seamlessly steps into that Bebe fan mind frame on the daily to appeal to all of those out there who don't mind turning heads.

Find out below how she got her start in the fashion industry and what she simply can't live without!

Name and occupation:
Kenna Wynne-Jones, Social Media Manager at Bebe.

1. What was your college major, and why did you choose it?
I attended The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) and majored in Merchandise Marketing & Business Management. I always knew I wanted to work in fashion and thought I wanted to be a buyer until I got my first PR internship and loved it!

A moment likely caught in action on Snapchat.

2. Favorite part of the job?
I love that it’s always changing and very fast-paced. One day I could be on set at our campaign photo shoot in L.A. and the next I could be instagramming from our press preview in New York– there’s never a dull moment, that’s for sure!

3. Favorite social media platform and why?
Snapchat! It’s the most fun platform in my opinion, it feels more personal than the others and I like that you can draw and add copy on images. People have such a short attention span on social media and I think snapchat does a great job of keeping people engaged.

4. Three things you can’t live without?
Friends/family, sushi & wifi.

Any respectable California girl is a festival connoisseur.

5. What’s on your travel bucket list?
See the Italian Rivera, go on an African safari, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, see the Greek Islands, explore Thailand, salsa dancing in Cuba, a castle tour of Wales… just to name a few ;)

6. Who’s your style icon?
Jackie O; her style was so chic, elegant & timeless.

7. Biggest vice? (be honest)
Coffee or binge watching Netflix!

8. Where can we find you on a Friday night?
At a rooftop bar with a glass of rosé in hand!

Contemplating her next travel destination, probably.

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