Getting the Q&A Treatment: Marissa Vosper from Negative Underwear

the Q&A treatment Feb 29, 2016

In this digital day and age, it feels like the ones in charge of the coolest brand images out there are almighty creatures that have some form of crazy superpowers. Spoiler alert: these completely fascinating people are actual humans and they hone their digital media sixth sense on the daily for some really rad companies, making them major brand MVPs. Turns out brains and an eye for beautiful things is a killer combo.

We wanted to know more about these ultra-compelling behind-the-scenes characters, so we're tapping some of our favorite digital editors to let us in on what their lives are like to fulfill all of our voyeuristic tendencies (don't lie, yours too).

This week, we have megababe Marissa Vosper from Negative Underwear, the brand that is disrupting the lingerie industry and that you should get to know immediately if you don't already.

Start rethinking your undergarments, STAT.

"Supporting women, literally and figuratively."

The first thing a lot of people associate underpinnings with is not necessarily comfort, but suggestiveness. In a world where we have myriads of options at our fingertips, when it comes to undergarments, there are very few to choose from. The alternative to pushed-up and in your face is granny laundry day-style. It's actually surprising to think about how sparse the choices are, considering nothing comes closer to your skin on the daily than underwear.

Enter Negative.

Imagine bras and undies that are both comfy and sexy. That make you feel super vamp but also like yourself. That focus on providing the best fit as well as just the right amount of exposure. Marissa Vosper founded Negative Underwear as an antidote to all of the artificial promises that other lingerie brands preach, with a mission to take up real estate on women's skin in the most natural way possible. We're totally worshiping at her church.

Read on to find out more about the woman who is reinventing the concept of skivvies.

Less is more, always.

Name and occupation: Marissa Vosper, Founder of Negative Underwear

1. What was your college major, and why did you choose it?
I studied Political Science and Spanish Language at UPenn. As an undergrad I initially thought I wanted to go into politics, go to law school... that whole path. After spending a semester in DC during my junior year, I decided I definitively did not want to go into politics and changed course to focus more on the communications / marketing side of PoliSci.

With Spanish - I've always loved languages and wanted to ensure I became fluent in at least one. I also chose to study abroad in Barcelona and take my semester in Spanish, so adding a double major just made sense. Clearly both of my majors have a lot of application to my current career :)

2. Favorite part of the job?
Building a disruptive brand that empowers women and makes them feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in their own skin - something pretty unique in our category.

Getting Negative.

3. Favorite social media platform and why?
Instagram - is there really another answer? To me, Instagram is like the best tabloid magazine combined with the best visual fashion/culture/news feed combined with a photo stream of my friends and family all over the world. What's better than that? [Ed. Note: Touché]

4. Three things you can’t live without?

  1. Clean eating and movement.
    I'm a pretty health-conscious person thanks to my parents and my Boulder roots - when I'm eating well and able to work out more often than not, I feel like my best self - physically, mentally, emotionally.

  2. The sun!
    I'm originally from Boulder, CO, where it's sunny more days of the year than any other state, so sunshine makes a huge difference in my overall happiness.

  3. Friends and family.
    I have a pretty small immediate family (parents + husband - no siblings) so my closest friends have truly become my extended family.

  4. And just to make sure I keep it real - I'd be lying if I didn't include my iPhone.
    As an entrepreneur / founder growing a start-up, staying connected and having the flexibility to work on the go is absolutely essential.

Fit and skin should be of equal importance.

5. What’s on your travel bucket list?
SO many places, but top of the list right now would be Turkey, South Africa, Vietnam and Chile.

6. Who’s your style icon?
Carine Roitfeld is top of the list.

7. Biggest vice? (be honest)
Dark chocolate and vegan ice cream - the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck is a personal fave in warmer months.

8. Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Usually out to an early(ish) dinner with my husband - often at our fave local spot: Sant Amrboeus Soho. In a city as diverse as NYC, it's great to explore new restaurants, but there's something to be said about loyal patronage to a spot you love where people know you and it feels like home.

Gettin' cheeky with it.

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