Getting the Q&A Treatment: Vanessa Hong from The Haute Pursuit

instagram Dec 14, 2015

We all love learning mundane things about the people who fascinate us, right? So in an effort to tap into our shameless voyeuristic tendencies, we started a Q&A series with the people of Instagram who tug at our heartstrings.

This week, we're chatting with stunning beauty Vanessa Hong from the awe inducing Haute Pursuit blog and THPSHOP. We asked her to reveal a little extra about herself, seeing as she is constantly leaving us wanting more. And just when we thought our admiration couldn't get any greater, we find out that she, too, used to crush on Anthony Kiedis. Le sigh.

(Mari)golden girl. Source: @thehautepursuit Instagram

Coming across an Instagram account like Vanessa Hong's is not something that you'll experience often. Aside from her genetically blessed physicality, the sheer quality of her content is beyond anything that any other blogger is putting out there. Her gallery is basically a stream of high fashion editorial-style squares, each one better than the next.

Her entrepreneurial flame burns bright as well; on top of her insanely popular blog, she also launched a label, THPSHOP, under which she sells all kinds of covetable items that her fans flock to. Mostly because she wears her own stuff in the majority of her photos and makes it look UUUH-mazing.

Her very special brand of edgy minimalism mixed with her unique look makes her stand out by a thousand miles from the pack of power bloggers: a striking exotic beauty with white bleached hair and a doll-like pout who marches to the beat of her own style drum. She is often imitated, but never duplicated.

Often imitated, never duplicated. Source: @thehautepursuit Instagram

1. Where’s your home base and why do you love it?
I split my time mainly between New York and Beijing. Both cities are very similar - always busy, a lot of art, a lot of good food. There’s always something new and exciting - time is never wasted, which I love.

2. Where can we find you on a Friday night?
If I’m not working, I’ll be with friends checking out a new restaurant or tucked into a quiet corner of my favorite sushi bar with my boyfriend.

3. Three things you can’t live without?
Biologique Recherche, water, sleep.

Ready for the spa at all times. Source: @thehautepursuit Instagram

4 . What’s on your travel bucket list?
India, the Middle East, Africa, Berlin, Moscow…the list goes on and on.

5. What’s your biggest vice?
Massages and all-day spas.

6. Coffee or tea?
Always tea.

7. Sweet or savory?

Because even a tea fanatic can crave some latte art once in a while. She is a blogger, after all... Source: @thehautepursuit Instagram

8. What’s your guilty pleasure?
Online shopping

9. First celebrity crush?
Anthony Kiedis

10. Who’s your style icon?
I have a lot of reference I pull from, but recently my love for Rei Kawakubo has been reignited. I love a woman all in ‘uniform'.

As striking as striking gets. Source: @thehautepursuit Instagram

Do yourself a favor and follow Vanessa on Instagram if you're not already and also check out her blog. You're welcome.