Rebecca Minkoff Takes Los Angeles (and Instagram) by Storm

instagram Nov 11, 2015

Rebecca Minkoff positioned itself quite early on as a leader in social media integration. The folks behind the once small line of covetable handbags were able to see the bigger picture and the Minkoffs leveraged the growth of their (now) empire with what the best of social media had to offer: Instagram. And they're not stopping there.

In fact, they not only used the photo-sharing app to grow their business in clever ways, like early-on influencer partnerships, but they're taking advantage of the proximity it provides to their customer to keep growing in the right direction.

And Justice for all! #squadgoals at the LA store event with @victoriajustice. Source: Instagram

Constantly lending an ear to the chirps has proven to be a very effective growth strategy, as they show no signs of remotely slowing things down, au contraire. The latest thing to be checked off their to-do list? A shiny technology-infused flagship store in the heart of LA shopping mecca: Melrose Ave. NBD.

If you're going to be landing in Lalaland, better make it count. And boy, did they ever. This brand new West Coast brick and mortar location blends tech and fashion, taking things to a whole new level by catering to their millennial consumer with touch screens and other cool-yet-may-confuse-your-mom features for a truly immersive shopping experience.

How could this epic new branch of the Rebecca Minkoff brand be properly introduced to the world? With a warm Hollywood welcome in the form of a glitzy, noise-making party, duh. Some influential Instagrammers and Tinseltown's loveliest ingenues gathered at the store on the night of October 27th to celebrate the grand opening set to happen the next day.

Some very photogenic artwork by commissioned artist and Smashbox creative director Donald Roberston, made specially for the Rebecca Minkoff store. Source:

All kinds of fun things were put in place to make sure the guests were properly entertained and compelled to take to Insta to spread the word. They partnered with Smashbox creative director and renowned artist, Donald Robertson, who painted some leather goods on the spot on top of having his artwork displayed on the store's indoor and outdoor walls.

The wheels were set in motion to make this an unforgettable evening, one worth immortalizing on social media, inciting others to come pay the new store a visit.

We simply had to find out just how much noise this store opening made on the 'gram, so let's break some of it down.

@rebeccaminkoff added 900 followers the day of store opening. Say what?!

@rebeccaminkoff reached 19 million people ORGANICALLY on October 27th and 28th combined. Whoa.

Day of store event: @rebeccaminkoff was mentioned 38 times and photo tagged in 80 pictures on October 27th. Not your average Instagram stat, FYI.

Day of opening: @rebeccaminkoff was mentioned 61 times and photo tagged in 96 pictures on October 28th. Even crazier.

Dont't forget to follow Rebecca Minkoff on Instagram and if you find yourself in the Los Angeles area, pop into their new store for the complete experience.

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