The 8 Rules to Follow to Grow Your Brand on Spring

Aug 17, 2015

Spring is a mobile retailer (think of it like a Nordstrom on your phone) that enables affluent, millenial consumers to shop products from over 800 brands. Spring is different from many other mobile shopping applications in that content - beautiful lifestyle images - are at the forefront.

Many have called it the 'shoppable Instagram', but really it's a department store for a new generation.

Your brand may already be selling on Spring.

Brother Vellies showing how to sell on Spring.

Dash Hudson has worked with several brands that sell on Spring, and we've heard lots of great feedback. Brands love Spring because of the ease in setting up an account, and the low financial committment to the partnership. Brands pay a 5%+ transaction rate, but only on items that are sold through Spring.

For emerging and contemporary brands, it's a dream. But if you've done the work to set yourself up on Spring, how do you ensure your products are reaching the right segment of shoppers, engaging them, and converting?

Here are some key things to keep in mind:

1. This is Not Pinterest

Pinterest targets slightly older consumers, and tends to be less organic in the style of its product content. Spring's audience is young and wants highly engaging, beautiful, organic photos featuring your product. Keep this top of mind.

Sorry Shinola. This ain't a magazine. More organic photos perform better on Spring and other content-driven channels.

2. Content Rules All

Data shows that organic imagery converts better, so drop the editorialized studio shoots. Instead, work with influencers or Instagram curators to create original content featuring your product. Uncover the best user-generated content featuring your brand, and use those on your product posts. It will pay dividends.

3. Work With Influencers

Influencers do more than just get you in front of an engaged audience. They bring an outside perspective to your brand, and create original content that can be used on your marketing channels. There are best practices for how to work with influencers, so that you build a great relationship, and get results. Brands like Onia have used influencer content on their Spring posts, to great effect.

Onia worked with the cool kids including Danielle Bernstein to create content that they used on Instagram, and on shopping pages.

4. Use Up to Eight (8) Images

Every product post is a story, and Spring allows brands to post up to eight images, per post, to tell that story. While it's important to include the standard 4-5 product images (front view, back view, etc) the other 3-4 spots should feature your product in natural lifestyle images. The key to success is having a way to scale content creation so that you aren't getting behind, and can post proactively.

5. Mix Up Your Content

The best brands posting on Spring mix up their content, showing images from behind-the-scenes, of moodboards, from live events and shows, and as soon on celebrities, insiders, etc. Be sure to mix up your content to keep shoppers engaged.

Pierre Hardy expertly combines organic streetstyle images onto their Spring posts.

6. Important: Get Photo Rights

While it has become standard practice to regram or feature influencer posts and UGC on company Instagram feeds or blogs, without explicit permission, if you plan to use this type of content on a product page or in an advertisement, you need explicit permission. Dash Hudson collects the best UGC featuring your brand, lets you easily collaborate with influencers to create original content, and takes care of securing content rights.

7. Use Your Voice

Unlike a standard shopping portal, Spring lets you bring your brand voice to post captions, providing an additional opportunity to speak to your customer, and get them engaged. While this is an e-commerce application, at heart, it is important to keep your editors and digital marketers involved in the process of creating content, and pushing posts.

Equipment shows that authoritative copy matters.

8. User-Generated Content Converts 5-7% Better

Research think tank L2 published a study that showed that consumers are much likely to engage with products and convert if they are featured in, or supported by user-generated content. Celebrate your fans. We provide tools that collect only the highest quality UGC featuring your brand, so your content bank is always full.

Wrap It Up

Spring is an amazing new platform for small and emerging brands. The challenge for brands on Spring is to maintain the level of content quality, over time, that will make them successful.

There are efficient ways to scale your organic content collection, and creation, so that you can be successful across mobile social, and shopping platforms.

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Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson