The Sexiest Night on TV: Angels Descend Upon Instagram

instagram Dec 11, 2015

Oh, December. The time of year when everyone is in a festive, jolly spirit, and you've pretty much said sayonara to any form of healthy eating until your New Year's resolution kicks in. The month also plays host to a special night where the most perfect creatures descent upon a runway in all kinds of outlandish lingerie to remind the world that angels do, in fact, exist. Wait, what?

[Cue record screeching.]

By far the sexiest night on [cable] TV.

It's 10 PM Eastern Time on December 8th, 2015. Do you know where your sig-other is? I kid, I kid, the Victoria's Secret fashion show is an all-inclusive television special where even moms are invited.

But all kidding aside, it truly is one of the sexiest biggest nights on TV, which begs the question: how in the world did a mass lingerie brand become the most anticipated and iconic fashion show in pretty much the history of the universe (seriously though, even the high fashion crowd gets into it)? With a lot of marketing (duh), but also thanks to social media, and more specifically, Instagram.


Known as being some of the most beautiful women in the world, the Victoria's Secret Angels are more than just leggy ladies walking down a very famous catwalk on D-Day; they are literally the face of the brand, spokeswomen with unbounded association to VS, the voice and representatives of their narrative with public appearances and ambassador status. And they work quite hard at it.

The most influential photo of night came courtesy of one of the evening's performers, the ever alluring Selena Gomez, ringing in at 1.8 million likes. Ohlala.

It certainly isn't a coincidence that all of the Angels have insanely large Instagram audiences, the majority of them well surpassing the elusive one million mark. Not to mention this year's "guest" Angels, for lack of a better term, Gigi and Kendall, ringing in at 9.9m and 43.4m, respectively.

Victoria's Secret has proclaimed in the past that a girl's social media presence is a huge part of being chosen as an Angel, capital A. Not only does it allow the girl to put her life and personality on display (because Angels, they're just like us ******air kiss), but it enables them to reach VS fans and would-be customers directly and on top of what the brand already does, creating more buzz and exposure for it. Genius.

While the girls are never off Angel duty throughout the year, when an event like the annual fashion show comes along in December, the action around the Victoria's Secret Instagram presence is amplified exponentially, to say the least. How could data nerds like us not want to dig into just how impactful that night was on their Instagram account? Let's take a closer look and marvel at the Insta prowess that occurred on December 8th.

The huge mound of likes on the day of the show (12/8), and consequently the following day as people continued to post about it, demonstrates a crazy jump in regular activity. Almost 12 million likes in one single day, OMG.

The spike in comments is also impossible to ignore, with people saying stuff like: 'that moment when candice walked on the runway. my heart stopped.' Now that's influence.

We're looking here at the organic reach on the day of the show, the graph representing the numbers and the photos below representing the content associated to the number. That spike on D-Day indicates that @victoriassecret reached 233,456,089 ORGANIC impressions on December 8th. Mic drop.

And how does one single account reach that many people? With incredible UGC: on December 8th, they accumulated almost 700 earned pieces of content, posted by their Angels, of course, but also all kinds of other influential accounts.

The mania continued the next day, with people still posting about their favorite moments of the night.

Pretty crazy stuff, amirite? But with all of this said and done, let's get real for a minute: who on Earth is Victoria anyway?!

And that's a wrap! Source: @victoriassecret Instagram

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