How to Harness Social Media Spirit With the Power of Nature [Case Study]

Brands that get a lot of user-generated content are doing something really great. Not only is it indicative of its cachet, but it also means a multitude of positive things, notably that it resonates with people to the point where they have a desire to engage.

It also suggests that the business has created a loyal following through successful instagram marketing, that its audience feels compelled to be a part of the brand story, and that fans want to be noticed by its social team. All major goals companies should be aiming to attain.

You know you've emerged as a bonafide Instagram brand once you're wondering how to deal with the influx of social tags you receive every day. When a company reaches this level, it must also solve the age-old social quandary: how to convert followers into dollars without compromising on authenticity. A tall order, to say the least.

That is precisely the predicament in which cult Icelandic skincare brand Skyn ICELAND found itself in once the masses were in on the company's natural beauty secret. Spoiler alert: an Insta profile on the up and up also comes with a side of social solution-seeking.

The time had come for Skyn to harness the power of all that great media being created by its customers on Instagram, and the brand turned to Dash Hudson's Spirit on-site galleries to get the job done. The company's social team was looking for a tool that mirrored its stress-free credo without compromising on efficacy — simply put, it was a perfect match.

We followed Skyn's journey as it began showcasing fan spirit on its website in an effort to foster its social community, and the results are in! We packaged the insights into a beautiful Instagram marketing case study. Get it today to learn:

  • What steps Skyn ICELAND took to capitalize on the cult-like hype of its innovative masks.
  • How the brand was able to harness the power of UGC.
  • The steps Skyn took to turn user-generated media into a revenue stream.
  • The number of mentions and photos tags Skyn gets on a daily basis.
  • The easy way with which the social team was able to implement the Spirit on-site solution.
  • How the brand is maximizing the opportunity to display fan love on its website.
  • How the team is able to keep things fresh and up-to-date on Spirit galleries.
  • The easy process for measuring the ROI of it all.
  • Skyn ICELAND's average sales conversion rate from Spirit on-site galleries.

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Skyn ICELAND is on a mission to solve the world’s skincare woes by harnessing the power of Iceland’s mineral-rich volcanic soil, unpolluted air, and botanical plants that have hyper-potent properties. The vegan, cruelty-free brand creates soothing, fortifying, and nourishing products that have been calming complexion crises caused by stress for 13 years. The Skyn ICELAND secret is now out, and the brand has become a staple for natural beauty buffs worldwide. Pure and simple.

In Need of Inspiration

Like most beauty brands, Skyn loves to interact with its community on Instagram. The brand has been active on the channel for five years, and has grown a loyal following that is built on trust. Skyn has its content mix down pat—posting beautifully curated imagery focused on lifestyle, product and ingredients, scenic Iceland shots, celebrity beauty, and user- generated content (UGC). It’s no wonder the brand would want to take that customer journey beyond mobile. The social team was looking to incorporate the same engaging visuals from Instagram onto the website to extend the brand world and inspire shoppers. Dash Hudson’s Spirit galleries proved to be the perfect stress-free solution to make it happen.

We have a Spirit gallery on every page of the website. They are a great way for us to keep our site and products feeling relevant at all times. Use of galleries on-site have also become a revenue driver for the brand!
-Marilee Clark, Director of Digital and Social Media at Skyn ICELAND

Figuring out how to take advantage of your brand's impressive user-generated content numbers can seem like a daunting job, but as we've learned in this social media marketing case study, it can be as stress-free as can be. Just try to mask while tackling the task. 💁‍♀️

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