How to Propel Your Social Marketing to New Heights [Case Study]

Using Instagram as a marketing tool is tricky for many reasons, one of them being that the rulebook keeps changing. Best practices are in constant flux, content trends are in perpetual evolution, platforms are being incessantly updated, and the influencer marketing territory remains a bit of a wild wild west.

Smart brands are very much aware of this. They tread carefully while also forging fearlessly ahead, and they welcome help when they become aware of their own limitations. When conducting Instagram business, shortcomings often manifest themselves in the form of lack of data. Setting goals and determining key areas of focus is great, but there's only so far a brand can go without informing their decisions with cold hard stats.

Away is one of those visionary companies that burst onto the scene to disrupt the sleepy industry of luggage. What a snoozfest, right?! WRONG. Away is the brand that will make you actually enjoy packing for your trip and feel a burning desire for a suitcase. Not an easy feat by any means, but founders Jen Rubio and Steph Korey, two Warby alums (another disruptive startup, natch), made it happen by embracing visual storytelling platforms like Instagram.

With a very strong focus on community-building, Instagram campaigns, and aesthetics, the team at Away was able to drive the business right into cult-status mode. Operating purely on instinct for the most part of their journey, they realized that a strong data partner was necessary to propel them beyond what they'd already accomplished. They turned to Dash Hudson to dig into the backend of their Instagram marketing activities and content trends to inform decision-making, as well as to streamline processes going forward.

We put together a meaty Instagram marketing case study that documents how prodigious startup Away was able to supercharge their social efforts after partnering with Dash Hudson.

Download the Instagram case today to find out:

  • How Away's social team uses the Dash Hudson tools to bolster the brand's ties with its community.
  • How the DH mining tools ensure that no piece of quality UGC ever slips through the cracks.
  • How the Away team members are able to maximize their precious time and save the company valuable resources.
  • How much growth the company's organic reach experienced.
  • The way the DH tools are able to inform and assist in strengthening Away's Instagram narrative.

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In just over a year, Away has built strong brand awareness as well as a devoted customer base. Instagram has played a huge role in enabling the young company to directly connect with its target market. The team tackles audience-building the same way they do suitcases: by providing value and promoting community. The disruptive brand needed a partner to help with scaling its strategy as the business grew. Cue Dash Hudson, who was brought on board to support Away on its Instagram journey.

The Road Map

Away has a busy calendar of collaborations with influencers, photographers and creatives. Between content creation, editing, copywriting, and strategic planning, little time was left to actually publish posts. When it comes to building a community on Instagram, consistency is key. The social team needed a solution to streamline their scheduling to deliver the right photos and videos to their audience at the right time, every day. With Dash Hudson’s Scheduler, Away is able to pre-plan all of its content.

Dash Hudson has allowed us to streamline our reporting process on Instagram. We went from manually pulling numbers to having a comprehensive report in our inbox at the beginning of each week and month. It’s saved us hours and hours of work.
-Kelsey Vanderlip, Brand Marketing Manager at Away

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Time to go travel away with the best luggage ever, amiright?!

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