Social Media Savvy Online Brand Everlane Takes it to the Streets

The transparent brand is everyone's go-to for elevated basics and they're about to become it for summer footwear, too, having just closed their #ShoePark pop-up shop in New York City's trendy SoHo section.

Seeing as Everlane is known for social media savviness, we had to dig into the Instagram results the playground garnered.

We have a hunch that these shoes were made for instagramming.

Options. 📷: @laurencaruso_ #ShoePark

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Shews for daze days.

Everlane is a bit of a unicorn in the retail space. The brand has nary a brick and mortar location, they don't ship internationally (save for a few special occasions), they built their business based on the premise of transparency and without doing any traditional advertising (yuck!), and they really (like, really) crush it on social media.

The California-based company is a total Instagram and Snapchat darling. They've been hailed for having nailed both platforms and really using them to enhance their brand experience and enrich the dialogue with their customers. Basically, they really get it.

Being all about the Everlane experience, they occasionally set up pop-up shops in New York City as a way to engage with their fans and consumers directly, proving that not having retail touch-points across the country does not hamper what most brands would consider the holy grail of customer service: in-person interactions. Not only with the employees, but with the products themselves. Such was the case this past week, when they unveiled their temporary Shoe Park - the construction of it being well-documented on Snapchat.

FACT: 80 percent of the people in this photo got hired through Snapchat. Are you next? // 👻: Everlane

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One of the rare (only?) companies to hire through the Snap. Avant-garde, much?

This is a fail-proof method to get around not having physical locations, but the incurred benefits don't stop there. It's kind of a marketing coup: Everlane was launching their Italian shoe collection for the summer - what better way to create buzz and ignite desire than with the lure of temporary access?

It's also a social media coup. Tying the ephemeral space into their social strategy perfectly rounded out their ongoing narrative, as the Everlane accounts generated anticipation for the thrill of finally being able to experience the brand journey in person. We would expect nothing less than an incredibly photogenic space to reflect their image, but in true socially-focused form, it was also made to be interactive, encouraging shoppers to share on their social profiles. This yielded a ton of UGC and exposure to various audiences. If there ever was a time to say booyah, this is it.

Naturally, this Shoe Park piqued our data geek curiousity, and while this wasn't an Instagram campaign, the fact of the matter is that it produced some pretty hefty excitement. What did this all look like in the backend of Instagram?

Everlane's Shoe Park ran from May 13th to the 22nd, but they still made sure to incorporate regular content throughout. The most popular post this week? A Shoe Park pic. Also to note, that top shot was a piece of regrammed UCG!
Everlane average Instagram engagement rate top posts

Everlane's average engagement rate is above the 1% average we see with most brands.

Below are Everlane's top 8 most engaged-around posts from the past 4 weeks. To break it down: 4 of them are #ShoePark related, 2 of them are pieces of regrammed UGC - including the top post! - and 2 of them had a Snapchat CTA.
Everlane most engaged-around Instagram posts

#ShoePark FT[engagement]W.

Everlane's audience growth follows a pretty healthy steady stream, as you can observe below from the past 4 weeks. It's apparent that there was a slight daily increase over the duration of the Shoe Park, making this week's growth rate land at 2.9%. Not too shabs!
Everlane Instagram follower growth curve.

Mark the wall chart!

Everlane is one of those lucky brands that gets a ton of UGC. Which isn't exactly shocking when you think about the instagrammable-ness of those threads. But they made their Shoe Park so photogenic that their earned content jumped throughout the shop's days. And they now have killer images to shoes choose from thanks to all of their fans with a keen eye.
Everlane organic reach UGC KPI

Fan pics galore.

Attributing a geo-tag to the location was pure brilliance: it provided their fans with on-hand info on where to go when looking through the Everlane feed, as well as delivering almost 2.5 million impressions to the space.
Everlane Shoe Park geo-tag reach

Reach for it!

And last but not least, the #ShoePark hashtag also had incredible reach. While it was used by a mix of both the brand's posts as well as fan posts, the scope of impressions spanning throughout extended to over 1.5 million and was another smart way to own some reach outside of tags or mentions, which not all users do.
Everlane #ShoePark hashtag reach

Hashtags rule the school.

As Everlane revolutionized the business of basics, the brand continues to prove it puts a lot of worth and emphasis on innovation, whether that's in design, material, mantra, social media, or, in this case, punctual happenings.

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