How to Take Time Off as a Social Media Editor

We're entering the thick of the holiday season, and social marketing managers everywhere are trying to reconcile effective time management and the prospect of quality time off.

Stop stressing! We enlisted Hannah Caldwell, social manager at Bustle, to share her top tips on how to navigate the seasonal break without agony.🎊

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Don't panic! Hannah's got you.

'Tis the season for family gatherings, travel, and lots of festive evenings. The problem is —spoiler alert— the internet never sleeps, and it's your job to keep it going for your company.

People don't stop checking Instagram over the holiday break. Au contraire, they might actually have a little more time to sit and scroll. That means your brand can't just go MIA on social because no one's in the office. The cold hard truth is that social media doesn't have a vacation policy, and those at the helm of their company's channels can't just clock out for festive time off like the rest of their colleagues.

Ugh, can the constantly overloaded social editor ever catch a break? It's one thing to consolidate tasks and manage all social media in one place on your smartphone, but it's another to actually have to pause your sibling Christmas movie marathon to keep your company's social media workflow process running.

To avoid such a scenario, we turned to a social media expert and asked her to impart her wisdom on how to get set up for break time. The brilliant Hannah Caldwell of the addictive Bustle Instagram account gave us her top 5 essential tips on how to manage your time right and reach a zen state of unplugging.

Keep reading to make sure you leave the office next Friday with complete peace of mind until it's time to head back the following week.

1. Plan ahead!

The most obvious tip but also perhaps the most important. Schedule your Facebook and Twitter posts as far out past the holidays as you can, pull any Instagrams you want to post, and pull some back ups, etc.

Source and schedule all of your Instagram posts in the Dash Hudson Scheduler for a beautifully curated set-it-and-forget it scenario.

2. Plan ahead, part 2!

Obviously it’s impossible to predict what kind of breaking news moments might happen, but plan content that you know is timely! For us that means scheduling new holiday related content or repurposing last year’s content that did well this time of year! And of course having a plethora of holiday themed memes :)

Include your LikeShop links in advance through the scheduler to redirect all those Instagram posts to that past high-performing thematic content.

3. Share responsibilities!

So that everyone is able to take some time off, we schedule on-call dates. One or two editors are assigned specific days over the holiday to just keep an eye out for breaking news on their phones so that other editors can totally disconnect.

There's no I in team, guys.

4. Be flexible!

While we have someone scheduled to be on call each day of the holiday breaks, sometimes life happens! If you see something that should get posted ASAP and no one else seems to see it, jump in and grab it if you’re able.

We all know the importance of timely content.

5. Actually disconnect!

While it’s important to keep an eye on things and be on call for a couple days, you need to also really take some time to disconnect. As a social editor, it’s easy to feel like you’re on the job 24/7, so it’s important to decompress and remember your life outside of the internet :)

A v v tough feat. But you can do it.

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You can now truthfully answer: 10.

We've given enough marketing tips this year, and figured it was time for some human advice. We know firsthand how hard you all work, and you deserve to sit through uncle Joe's weird stories fully uninterrupted. Head into your holiday break with full confidence that everything is taken care of, and come back one hundred percent refreshed, reenergized, and most of all, rested. 💪

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