Spotify Playlists: Stories for the Soul & Fam Jams

spotify playlists Mar 21, 2019

At Dash Hudson, we know better than anyone—managing an Instagram account isn’t as easy as it looks. From sourcing UGC, to scheduling content, and replying to a steady stream of comments, your days are jam-packed. So why not have something to jam to along the way?

*When Dash Hudson releases two new Spotify playlists☝️*

ICYMI, last month we dropped a roster of five fresh, feel-good Spotify playlists to vibe to while using Dash Hudson. If you haven’t checked those out yet, get with it. The power of music can do a lot for the brain and help reduce it’s literally a no-brainer.

Each playlist represents a task in the Dash Hudson platform. From the sounds of slow-tempo Indie chill to help you schedule your posts to upbeat electro-funk beats for building out boards, we have all the tunes to keep you feelin’ good while getting down to business.

Time to press play on our latest creations. ▶️

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[R&B chillin’] Nothing tells a good story like a silky R&B melody. Sink into our collection of chill, soul-warming rhythm and blues tunes to make your Instagram Stories workflow more mellow.

What to expect: This playlist is all about soothing the soul and giving you that warm R&B glow while you create, schedule, and analyze the performance of your stories. Expect to hear songs from Nina Simone, Khalid, and Solange.

___ [![spotify instagram](/content/images/2019/03/spotify-blog-community.jpg)]( #[FAM JAMS](" target="blank) *[Feelin’ good vibes]* We know that sometimes it can be hard to summon the level of positivity needed to respond to hundreds of comments in Community Manager. Enter: Fam Jams. What better way to boost your mood than to listen to a feel-good playlist that will turn you into an engagement superhero? Reply away.

What to expect: Community building is crucial. This playlist was built to keep you smiling while you make your Insta fam do the same. Listen in for songs from Satin Jackets, Mabel, and Robyn.

We’ve reached the end of the B-side. It’s time to work (or dance) away, DH fam. ___ Header image: [@rollingstone]( ___

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Kelsey Skinner

Marketing and Events Coordinator at Dash Hudson