Stargazing: How to Predict Top Performing Instagram Photos

visual marketing Apr 09, 2019
*Vision is always learning. If you know, you know.*

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Picture this. It’s Friday afternoon, the office snacks have run out, and you’ve reached your coffee quota for the day. The shots from last week’s campaign shoot arrive in your inbox, back from the retouch wizards and (finally) approved by the art department. Part of you thinks, “YES! I loved this shoot—dreamy garms, beautiful lighting, creative bliss—can’t wait to post!” But in the back of your mind you hear, “But... now I’ve got to pick which shots to post and which to leave unpublished… forever.” And the little indecisive person that lives inside you (don’t worry, we all have one) lets out a massive, anxious sigh.

There is a remedy to this occupational agonizing, and it lives within Dash Hudson.

Your New Best Friend

Meet Vision. Vision is Dash Hudson’s visual intelligence tool that actually predicts the performance of a photo before it goes live. You read that right—it looks at your pictures and tells you which ones your audience is most likely to engage with the most and the least.

Okay, we can hear the “HOW?!” from here. Much like we do, Vision sees inside an image—it reads colors, objects, tones, textures, composition, setting, and everything else. It then makes recommendations on unpublished content (i.e. the photos from the campaign shoot) based on the photo’s characteristics and data from your unique brand. It suggests what will perform above average, below average, or in the top 25% of your average engagement. Geek out on the nitty gritty of how our visual intelligence works here.

The best bit? Vision is always learning. It uncovers what your audience cares about on a rolling 90-day period. That means that as your audience grows and changes, so will the recommendations that Vision provides. It’s like having your audience in the room with you.

“Okay, sounds cool. But how accurate is it? Really?” We’re so glad you asked.

It’s 95% accurate. Amazing right?

Brands that use Vision not only increase engagement beyond their wildest dreams, but they also save a ton of time surfacing content. Vision makes your entire media library searchable. You can search by keyword, by image, and even very specific cropped areas of images if that’s your vibe. No more scrolling back through months of “IMG_cant-find-it”. It’s your very own search engine for your brand.

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You: The Creative

We get it—you know what you’re doing. You have the job you do because you’re creative and you’ve got an eye for it. Don’t worry, tools like Vision don’t minimize your creativity, nor do they dictate how you should do your job. Vision will serve only to support your creative prowess with data. To make your decisions wiser, and your job easier. When you save time (and brain power) on repetitive manual tasks like image selection, you give yourself more time to spend on strategy and creation.

Choosing from a sea of images that feature the same model, the same set or location, the same outfits, same lighting can be really, really draining. After looking through the images 2, 3, 4 times your decision making brain power will start to lag. And don’t forget it’s Friday afternoon so it may not have been spot on to begin with.

Workflow, Reimagined

The searchable library alone saves brands 2-3 hours per user per week, purely because they can surface the content they need quickly and easily. Plus, we’re sure you can imagine the headache that is alleviated when you no longer have to scrutinize 50 campaign images.

So there you have it. Our Vision is your Vision. It’s personal to your brand, learns with your audience, and was built to make social media management more effective, more streamlined and actually fun (plus you have more time to focus on new exciting stuff).

Who wouldn’t want to optimize their feed, increase performance, and save time? Rhetorical question, obviously!

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