Introducing the Dash Hudson Story Studio

Dash Hudson 2.0 is here and so is Story Studio. Here's everything you need to know about elevating your Instagram Stories with our new tool.

Story Studio is here, big up.

It was a big week here at DH HQ. We overhauled our already great platform to make it even more robust and launched the new product last Tuesday. This also coincided with a major app update, where we introduced a pretty epic feature called Story Studio.

The Dash Hudson Story Studio is a series of rad templates for brands to build their Instagram Stories and craft an even more compelling narrative with their vertical videos, including when producing ads in the format. The tool lives in the new Dash Hudson app, where our product team made sure every single feature was interconnected for an absolutely seamless user experience.

The Story Studio is incredibly easy to use, intuitive to navigate, and makes building Instagram Stories a streamlined process by allowing you to pull from not just your phone's camera roll, but your entire content library saved into your DH account.

It's here to make the lives of social editors easier, elevate their work, and drive more overall engagement. We created this tool to add a dash (pun intended :) of polish to the raw Insta Stories format to make your visual storytelling as captivating to audiences as possible.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Dash Hudson Story Studio.

Our revamped DH app contains the new tool and it's where you'll be able to create the best Instagram Stories you've ever done. Create drafts for every segment you're pushing out with as many story cards as you'd like. Choose from a variety of clean templates that allow for up to three images in one frame—it's fully customizable to your brand's needs.
story studio story studio

No need to save every piece of creative you're building a story with to your phone if that's not where it originates from. If what you're pushing out to your Stories already exists in a Spirit Gallery or if it's already been uploaded in your brand's content library, you can go ahead and select directly from within it. Simplicity at its finest.
story studio

Pre-add desired text and play around with sizing and fonts. We included Instagram's original fonts for maximal uniformity if you need to add additional information once you're in the process of posting.
story studio story studio

Not feeling the regular old white background? Would a hot pink hue best complement the latest merch drop you're promoting? We got you. Choose the frame color of your choice and call it a day.
story studio

Once you're happy with your draft, you have multiple options as to where you can go from here. You can save it directly into your scheduler to be reminded when to post it, for whichever social channel you wish. You can generate an ad with the creative you just produced. You can also save it to your media library for it to live permanently in your bank. Or you can save it to your camera roll to post in the immediate.
story studio

Story Studio was made for brands looking to experience with different Insta Stories formats and to elevate their assets. The way businesses can take their audience on their brand journey is no longer limited to static in-feed content, and now the right tools exists to create the best, most engaging vertical videos possible.

Time to start producing superior Instagram Stories.

Header image: @vsco

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