Happy Thanksgiving 2018 From the DH Fam!

thanksgiving 2018 Nov 22, 2018

It's hard to believe that the year is almost over. Like everyone else, we're constantly asking ourselves where time goes. And as another Thanksgiving rolls around, we're more thankful than ever.

2018 has us feeling grateful for you guys, our beloved family members, and for everything we're able to do, notably help you become even better marketers than you already are.

So on this day of appreciation, we give thanks to our community and the data we hold dear. But also here's to a day off, spent with loved ones, delicious noshes, and one or two extra glasses of wine.

In the meantime, we have a little treat from our marketing team (bts waves from the mag's next issue 👋)—we're sharing our favorite blog posts to indulge you in some of the year's choice learnings.

Note: to be read whilst nodding off into your food coma or over leftovers.

Michaela Atkinson, Senior Marketing Manager

These Are the Most Popular Instagram Photo Ideas in the Beauty Sector

Thanksgiving 2018

Alyssa Bronander, Consultant

In Conversation with Alyssa Bronander From Rent the Runway

Thanksgiving 2018

Kelsey Skinner, Intern

The Kardashian Family Strikes Again on the Calvin Klein Instagram

Thanksgiving 2018

Becky Ryan, Designer

The Impact of Visual Intelligence on Trend Forecasting

Thanksgiving 2018

Colin White, Performance Marketing Manager

National Geographic: King of the Instagram Jungle

Thanksgiving 2018

Maggie Hickie, Product Marketing Manager

These 10 Brands Have the Highest Engagement on Instagram

Thanksgiving 2018

Morgan Munroe, Junior Designer

Influencer Marketing: How to Smarten Up to See Major Results

Thanksgiving 2018

Nicole McNulty, Intern

Nicki Minaj VS Cardi B: Who Is the Real Winner?

Thanksgiving 2018

Julie Meredith, Senior Director of Marketing

Instagram ROI: How to Measure the Tangible and the Abstract

Thanksgiving 2018

Thomas Rankin, Co-Founder & CEO

(technically the head of our marketing team!)

Our Co-Founder & CEO Spills All of the Instagram Marketing Knowledge

Thanksgiving 2018

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thanksgiving 2018