The 5 Most Stylish Jet Set Instagrammers on the Planet

travel Apr 27, 2015

Attention friends: By reading this blog post you will be transported to the Maldives, Bali, and Paris. Unfortunately, this will occur only in your dreams.

The true power of Instagram is its ability to convey an aspirational moment to millions through a simple photograph. It has become commonplace for fashion and beauty brands to work with beautiful, stylish influencers on Instagram to create moments that feature their products.

The 'job' of the influencer is to convey this lifestyle, these subtly glamorous moments of perfection, to a willing audience. Travel is a source of inspiration for many of us who spend moribund days staring at a Macbook Air, dreaming of pink sand and rocky escapes.

It's no surprise then, that many well known fashion influencers are using travel as a key component of their content strategy, photographing themselves in luxe locales.

Here are the five most stylish jet set Instagrammers on the planet.

Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage)

Jessica is the mecca of aspirational lifestyle. Gorgeous, stylish, and well-traveled, she's the dream of brands and followers alike. She frequents destinations as far-flung as Singapore and the Maldives, and brings beauty to every scene.

Queen of the aspirational travel Instagram, on her throne.

Lisa Dengler (@lisadengler)

Lisa is one of the new kids on the block. A design architect by trade, Lisa brings strong curation and European sensibility to everything she does. She and her boyfriend @onedapperstreet are always on the move and light up every streetscape they encounter.

Winter in Italy, with the lovely Lisa Dengler.

Nicole Warne (@garypeppergirl)

Nicole is one of the most sought after bloggers on the planet, working with top luxury brands. An entrepreneur from the age of 20, her beautiful content captures imaginations all over the world.

Nicole is picture perfect in paradise.

Sjana Elise (@sjanaelise)

Sjana is an adventure-seeking, sunworshpping photojournalist. Her sweet spot is an exotic beach, where she captures moments of health, fitness, and beauty. While not a typical style Instagrammer, Sjana is highly sought after by fitness, resort and swimwear brands for her active lifestyle, and incredible physique.

Hijinx in the sun.

Olivia Lopez (@lusttforlife)

Olivia has been on the blogger scene since she was a teenager, and has matured into one of the coolest kids on Instagram. This California native is the epitome of a relaxed but refined SoCal vibe. Having taken her moniker from the eponymous Iggy Pop song, Olivia sticks true to her name.

Just chillin' on a yacht in Cabo. What are you saying?

As the worlds of travel and fashion continue to collide, brands should look to partner with Instagrammers who can deliver compelling original content.

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Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson