The Definitive Guide to Instagram Marketing Tools: Curalate vs Olapic vs Dash Hudson

Looking for a tool to grow your audience and revenue on Instagram? Read this outline of a few of the solutions available below, and be sure to get a demo of the Dash Hudson platform as part of your research.

The explosion of photos being shared by users on Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest brought rise to the term user-generated content (UGC). What is user generated content? It is defined as:

"any form of content such as blogs, wikis, discussion forums, posts, chats, tweets, podcasting, pins, digital images, video, audio files, advertisements and other forms of media that was created by users of an online system or service, often made available via social media websites"

UGC quickly became a discussion point in boardrooms as marketers realized they could turn over some of their brand building activies to their fans.

The delightful results of hashtag monitoring. #myaritzia

Savvy entrepreneurs recognized the opportunity to help brands collect, organize, obtain rights, and distribute UGC. UGC is now a popular marketing resource, and photos and videos are used by brands on their social channels, on embedded image carousels, on product pages, and in advertisements.

Research shows that this type of content converts 6.4 times higher than traditional ad content.

Dash Hudson provides a one stop shop for brands to grow and monetize on Instagram, providing leading content insights, surface high quality UGC and measure reach, the ability to measure influencer and ambassador partnerships, tools to create and collect content, publish and measure ROI.

How you like them angels. UGC on the Dash Hudson platform.

With regards to UGC in particular, three companies have emerged to service brands who wish to leverage UGC specifically. These three companies are Olapic, Piqora, and Curalate.

All offer a similar solution, and each has its own features. Here's a quick breakdown:


Price / Cost: $60,000 - $80,000 per year

Business Model: Multi-year enterprise contracts

Olapic was first to market, and has formed strategic relationships with large brands like Walmart. Olapic and its founding team were early in helping collect UGC.

They've since offered additional features, such as enabling brands to create a shoppable link in their Instagram profiles with the service 'Tapshop'. Clickshop (similar to Curalate's 'Like2Buy' and Dash Hudson's 'LikeShop') lets brands link from their Instagram profiles to galleries (essentially mirrors of the brand's Instagram feed) where photos are linked to products which can be shopped.

Olapic also was an innovator in the 'UGC slide reel' a widget that embeds on brand websites and shows a collection of curated fan photos. It's a simple but smart solution, because it gets content directly on the brand's site, and because it's embedded, makes it hard for e-commerce companies with limited technical capabilities to remove the widget and move to other competitive solutions.

An Olapic embedded fanreel.

Olapic's features include:

Visual Marketing: Olapic collects images (from hashtags) across social platforms including Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter. They then enable brands to reach out to creators to request the rights to use those photos for commercial purposes.

Consumer-Generated Ads: Olapic lets you take the UGC you've acquired rights to and run it as ads on Facebook.

Ad Retargeting: Olapic enables you to get further use out of the UGC you have acquired rights to, by plugging that content into your retargeting engine and running fresh, organic content as retargeting ads.

Instagram Shopping: As discussed above, Olapic's brand customers can use its Tapshop feature to make its feed shoppable, similar to Dash Hudson's LikeShop.


Price / Cost: $50,000 - $100,000 per year

Business Model: Mult-year committments

Curalate earned its stripes as an early service provider for Pinterest. It has since moved on to provide visual commerce marketing solutions for Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook as well.

Curalate's content comment responder.

Curalate's features include:

Social Image Analytics: Allows you to track the performance of all of the images you share across social platforms.

Conversations: Enables brands to respond to comments on its images on platforms like Instagram. Similar functionality to other social monitoring platforms like HootSuite or platform specific solutions.

Promotions: Curalate gives brands simple tools to create promoted pins for Pinterest, or to run contests or hashtag campaigns on Instagram.

UGC: Curalate's bread and butter, like Olapic, it enables you to collect and sift through UGC that has been submitted to hashtags.

Instagram Shopping: Like2Buy is similar in functionality to TapShop and Clickshop.

Wrapping Up: Do Your Research

Big swings in price for each of these platforms. If you are looking for a solution to grow and monetize on Instagram, be sure to demo Dash Hudson as part of your exploration.

All offer very similar feature sets, focused on UGC which is quickly becoming a commodity offering. If your main focus is on growing on Instagram and measuring the ROI of your investments, Dash Hudson provides added value by providing leading insights and monetization solutions for brands and publishers.

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