The Top 10 Most Instagrammable Hotels in the World

Dash Hudson's analytics arsenal is about to get a new addition - we're rolling out a new geo-tag tool that monitors locations to let you know what places are hot hot hot.

Because FOMO is all the rage.

most popular hotels in the world on instagram

In a world that’s turning more and more towards Instagram influencers for lifestyle inspiration and advice, it may come as no surprise that many people now take Instagram into account when planning a vacation. How high can this number possibly be? A recent study found that 48 % of Instagram users turn to their feeds when looking for travel suggestions. Which means that a location's Instagrammable factor is a huge indicator of successful marketing for hotels, restaurants and event spaces.

There are so many ways in which users will engage with a brand through Instagram content: photo tags, @ mentions, hashtags, the list goes on. From an entity's perspective, monitoring all of it is paramount to fully grasp the flow of their brand journey and how their story is being told organically by users, not to mention understanding how their audience is engaging. It's also a key way to source influencers by providing a direct access point into UGC.

We're about to drop a new tool as a part of our Instagram analytics platform, which will allow brands to monitor geo-tags (on top of the already existing ability to monitor photo tags, comment mentions, and hashtags). This functionality is going to provide brands with a deeper access and understanding of behavioral trends, resulting in more profound storytelling opportunities, along with an even greater amount of UGC to draw from. Brands will also have the ability to compare the popularity of any desired location for insights into successful strategies.

We wanted to demonstrate how it works and decided to take a deeper, geo-tag focused dive into the organic reach of the most Instagram-friendly hotels. The goal? To see which ones came out on top based on the location-tagged content. The findings are yonder, having rearranged Vogue Paris' list of top 10 hotels.

1. Hotel George V

Hotel George V Paris Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 3,263
Geo-Tag Reach: 45.3M
Top Geo-Tagged Post (providing the biggest reach), courtesy of @davikah:

2. Fasano Hotel

Hotel Fasano Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 2,028
Geo-Tag reach: 24.9M
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of @marcosproencaoficial:

#chabarzeras #casamentozeras @lelesaddi @matranchesi @donatameirelles 🎉✨🌟🎉🎉😍❤️👏🏼👏🏼❤️😘

A photo posted by Marcos Proença (@marcosproencaoficial) on

3. The Saguaro

Hotel Saguaro Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 2,921
Geo-Tag Reach: 15.9M
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of @tessholliday:

🌴💕🍉🍹✨ #palmsprings

A photo posted by Plus Model | Mom | Feminist🌹 (@tessholliday) on

4. Hôtel Hermitage

Hotel Hermitage Monte Carlo Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 1,187
Geo-Tag Reach: 9.4M
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of @xandaviao:

5. Semara Luxury Villa Resort

Hotel Semara Luxury Villa Resort Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 934
Geo-Tag Reach: 6.5M
Top Geo-Tagged Post, couresty of @thesaltyblonde:

From pool, to beach, to bar. It's a tough life here at @semarauluwatu.💃🏼 @theasia.collective

A photo posted by by Halley Elefante (@thesaltyblonde) on

6. Laucala Island Resort

Laucala Island Resort Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 58
Geo-Tag Reach: 2.5M
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of

Credits: @luxuryresorts Follow our Snapchat! 👻 BDestinations Hotel: @laucalaisland Laucala Island, Fiji

A photo posted by BEAUTIFUL HOTELS (@beautifulhotels) on

7. Le Martinez

Hotel le Martinez Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 768
Geo-Tag Reach: 1.8M
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of @con_fession:

8. Park Hyatt Shanghai

Park Hyatt Shanghai Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 1,384
Geo-Tag Reach: 1.1M
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of @congtian_:

I'm sick on this view 😂😂 #architecture #zaishanghai

A photo posted by @congtian_ on

9. One & Only Reethi Rah

One & Only Reethi Rah Maldives Instagam geo-tag reach.

Posts: 180
Geo-Tag Reach: 691K
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of @gabrielapugliesi:

... Que nosso dia seja azul 💙 #Bomdia #Maldives #BestVibeEver #TakeMeToTheBeach #throwBack #ooresorts

A photo posted by Gabriela Pugliesi (@gabrielapugliesi) on

10. Royal Mirage

Royal Mirage Instagram geo-tag reach.

Posts: 148
Geo-Tag Reach: 439K
Top Geo-Tagged Post, courtesy of @matranchesi:

Eau Zone @ One&Only Royal Mirage #marcellastrips #marcellastripsemdubai #oneandonlyroyalmirage #visitdubai

A photo posted by Marcella Tranchesi (@matranchesi) on

Hotels of Insta, take note!

These ten hotel accounts are resonating so well with users, that their geo-tags alone have organically provided them with millions of impressions thus far in 2016. The iconic Hotel George V in Paris came out on top with an organic reach of just over 26M thanks to location tagging alone (views of the Eiffel Tower notwithstanding). Is your mind blown? Cause it should be - the opportunities are endless.

Dash Hudson’s Instagram analytics tools allow brands to dig deep. Looking for insights like this for your brand? Let’s chat.