How to Unlock the Secret to Content Performance: Dash Hudson's Boards Does the Heavy Lifting

Measuring Instagram content performance is something that eludes a lot of marketers, no matter how obvious it may appear to be. To really see what kind of posts resonate best with followers, there is one specific tool that all brands should keep in their back pocket: Dash Hudson's Boards.

Witness the magic below.

#UOHome, the holy grail of content pillars.

We hate to brag (nah, we don't), but the Dash Hudson Instagram marketing arsenal is quite robust, to say the least. Our tools run the gamut from deep data insights, all the way to single post performance scaling. Our digs are profound, allowing us to measure everything from Influencer campaign ROI to content trends, among other very useful things.

One of the most useful tools used widely by our amazing customers is our Boards functionality. It allows brands to group their content pillars together and compare their performance against one another by using several metrics. Data geeks unite!

Let us enlighten you.

We took a look at Urban Outfitters - because let’s be real, there are few accounts that have as much UGC as they do - to demonstrate 3 ways that brands are using this tool to analyze their earned and owned content in relation to their Instagram strategy by measuring success, course-correct when needed and adopt new angles accordingly. The end result? Serious growth.

1. Content Optimization

The first step in growing your audience is understanding what content it responds positively to. Plainly put, you can categorize your content on Boards (i.e. food, landscapes, Frank the office cat, and so on). Once posts have been added to their respective boards, arrange the content by order of engagement and instantly bear witness to what resonates best with your followers. Adjust your content strategy accordingly to continue driving engagement and growing your audience.

#UOHome measuring content performance on Instagram with Urban Outfitters

A few boards we created for UO. As we’ve seen, the fans have spoken and 'UO Home' content is where it’s at.

2. Campaign Optimization

Brands are also using Boards to better understand how posts perform versus one another, and strategize for future campaigns. Both UGC and original content can be added to Boards, making the tool an all-encompassing scale. They can then be arranged based on engagement or reach.

The engagement metric will be more relevant for native campaigns, even though understanding both KPIs will offer more insight into Instagrammer collaborations. In our Urban Outfitters excavation, we checked out their Valentine’s Day campaign hashtag performance. Love was certainly in the air.

#UOHome measuring content performance on Instagram with Urban Outfitters

Surprisingly (or not surprisingly), the #LOVEUO hashtag associated with the brand's Valentine’s Day content topped #UOHOME.

3. UGC Analysis

Finally, Boards can be used with UGC to better capture and execute on brand story, determine product preferences, as well as identify content trends among their fans. These insights can be used to provide direction for both content and campaign strategy. Once user-generated posts have been added to Boards by category, they can be viewed by order of engagement or reach. Although impressions bring understanding in terms of impact and trend prediction, arranging Boards by engagement actually judges the overall performance. Two very useful metrics when contemplating growth.

#UOHome measuring content performance on Instagram with Urban Outfitters

In terms of brand story, tagged and @ mentioned, outdoor shots are resonating the most with Instagram users. Note taken.

We took a deeper dig into Urban Outfitters' outdoorsy UGC, which we named 'The Great Outdoors', to examine what types of images raked in the highest engagement rates. This is the kind of stat that can be used to determine repurposing relevancy, as well as be used as a foraging tool for influencers to partner with, photo shoot locations, and the list goes on.

#UOHome measuring content performance on Instagram with Urban Outfitters Natalie Wall shot sits in the number 1 position for engagement within 'The Great Outdoors' board.

Our Learnings

There are so many things that we can take away from this deep dive into Urban Outfitters' content. While we'd previously discovered that 'UO Home' proves to offer the highest engagement rates for owned content, unexpected inflation can occur around holiday momentum. As it relates to user-generated content, outdoor shots are currently taking over organic brand story and may be something to consider for upcoming campaigns, contests, and/or content.

Things that could never have been determined without Dash Hudson's Boards. Just sayin'.

Want to see boards like this for your brand? Hit us up. We can hook you up.