How to use Snapchat for Business: 7 Ways to Crush the Game

snapchat Jun 27, 2016

Snapchat has been engaged in a very profound courtship with brands ever since it shed its salacious reputation and introduced Stories.

When used to its full potential, Snapchat can be a phenomenal marketing tool. We devised 7 ways in which a business can use the social app to really crush the game.

Time to hatch some strategies!

If you're a cool brand, you're on Snapchat, period.

Word on the street is that Snapchat is the next big thing. In fact, it's currently all happening and bursting with possibilities, ripe to be seized by the opportunistic brands that see the future and want to get there before everyone else.

This endeavor is not without its challenges. Indeed, identifying how Snapchat can support a company's marketing strategy has been less than obvious for most. It's unlike anything brands have had to embrace before, yet when the landscape evolves, the best only thing to do is to get on board or get left behind.

Another hurdle entities have been grappling with when it comes to social channels is that the majority of them do not provide a direct sales pipeline, making ROI and monetizing a barrier to adoption. While Snapchat is a social platform with no direct monetization options, the best marketers are finding all sorts of creative ways to optimize it and take advantage of the brand-forging possibilities.

By now, the reasons brands should be on the platform are plenty abundant (we laid them out previously), but it remains an elusive undertaking for certain labels who have struggled to figure out how to use it in a business capacity.

DH here to the rescue! Let's break down great ways for companies to use Snapchat to their advantage to create a community, engage their audience, craft their image narrative and take followers on their brand journey.

1. BTS

That means behind-the-scenes, btw (by the way). Taking followers inside the inner workings of a company activity, whether it's touring the office space, doing a photo shoot, working on a special project on location, or whatever else is happening at your HQ, people love seeing what happens beneath the surface.

It's an excellent branding exercise and fuel for exclusive inclusivity, which is pretty self-explanatory - it makes the audience feel included in something exclusive. Snapchat comprises very loyal and committed audiences because there is no organic discovery. To follow a Snapchat account is to seek it out, meaning the level of interest is as high as could be.

![Audi Snapchat for business](/content/images/2016/06/audi-btd-snapchat-for-business.jpg) The folks at Audi are taking their followers inside an exclusive race. That's sure to get their audience revved up. Sorry, I had to.

2. Interviews

Conducting Q&A sessions with experts or public personalities makes for super interesting content. They give credibility to your brand and have immense interactivity potential (ask users to snap you their questions!). It's a way for followers to fulfill their voyeuristic tendencies by learning more about prominent figures, something that always ignites curiosity and interest.

3. Audience Involvement

Involving fans by creating potential interaction scenarios is an awesome way to hook them. Get their help to make a choice by asking them to screen grab their favorite item or color, request for users to send in questions about what's on their mind, have users try to guess a specific location... the interactivity potential is endless!

4. Custom Geo-Filters or Lenses

Developing a bespoke geo-filter is incredibly easy and insanely beneficial for image and branding purposes. With even greater virality potential is developing a custom branded lens (you know, those various face options that appear when your camera is turned to selfie mode and you hold the screen down on your face). Cadbury recently experimented with 3 different lenses for one of its brands, with great success. Brand awareness like no other.

![On-Demand geo-filters Snapchat](/content/images/2016/06/Snapchat-custom-geo-filters.jpg)Literally anyone can create a custom geo-filter. It's super fun and provides high visibility impact.

5. Exclusive Launches

Another way to make your audience feel ultra special, in-the-know and induce FOMO? Save special announcements to broadcast the news to your Snapchat audience only! It's a sure way to gain new followers and to keep them interested once they've added you.

![Sephora and Conde Nast Traveler Snapchat for business](/content/images/2016/06/Sephora-and-conde-nast-snapchat-for-business.jpg)Sephora and Conde Nast Traveler give special previews of their products to make their followers feel like they're in on something exclusive.

6. Run Contests

Nothing invigorates people like the promise of free swag or winning something, amiright? Prompting your followers from your other channels to go find you on Snapchat to win something supercool can provide that much needed boost to your account while turning your fans into mega fans.

7. Takeovers

One thing we tell our brands all the time about growing on Instagram is that the best way to do so is by being exposed to different audiences. Hence influencer marketing and image-building campaigns. The same can be said for Snapchat. If you're having a harder time getting those view numbers up, it might be time to tap one of your favorite influencers to gain access to their engaged followers.

![Glossier Snapchat takeover](/content/images/2016/06/glossier-snapchat-for-business-takeover.jpg)Glossier babe Coco Beaudelle takes over their Snapchat to share her beauty routine with the brand's audience.

With Snapchat having recently made a huge announcement that is sure to propel the platform into its next life stage, it's clear that the company's primary focus is now advertising revenue... Likely in preparation for an eventual IPO.

In the meantime, brands that are still hoping for direct monetization solutions can always use the screenshot hack.

If you're looking for in-depth Snapchat business solutions, you're in the right place! We're only a click away.