Introducing… Dash Hudson’s Visual Trends

Every brand wants to stay ahead of the pack and now there’s a minimal effort, maximum return solution to make sure you’re leading the way. Enter: Dash Hudson’s newest feature, Visual Trends.

Dash Hudson’s Visual IQ is already a staple in the savviest marketers’ toolkits. With Visual IQ, brands can fine tune their content pillars and predict the performance of owned, earned, and competitor content for their unique audience. Visual Trends takes the beauty of Visual IQ to the next level. You see the essential insights you’ve come to know and love with Visual IQ, but now you have the ability to group multiple brands into a trend board and get a bird’s eye view of your industry. You’ll know more about the latest trends, your top competitors’ strategy, and most importantly, you’ll know what will work for your brand before you begin planning your next photoshoot.

Visual Trends is the missing piece to stay ahead of the competition and to inform your creative strategy with data-backed insights. Keep scrolling to get the full rundown. 👇

1. Dive Confidently Into the Unknown

Venturing into unknown territory can be unnerving, and that goes for untested creative decisions too. Whether you’re launching a new product line, or dabbling in a fresh trend, you want to feel confident you’re shooting the right visuals or selecting that perfect piece of earned content. Trend Boards empower you to analyze brands who have already tested the waters with different approaches to imagery and see what types of content would resonate the most with your consumers.

2020 skincare trends

2. Plan Like a Pro

We know you have a creative vision and we can give you the data to back that opinion up. As 2020 approaches, creative strategies are being proposed, and benchmarks are being set. Come to the table knowing exactly what visual trends are on the rise in your industry, and which ones will help you reach those goals and set your brand apart.

2020 haircare trends

3. Complete the Puzzle

Managing multiple handles across different regions, brands, and audiences is no easy feat. With Visual Trends, global brands can dive deep into your suite of brands and understand how each of your audience’s connect or differ. Quickly gain insight into which visual trends your European handles have in common and how they would perform with your audience in North America. Don’t sacrifice your hard-earned engagement numbers by using your feed as a testing ground, or assume that what works in one region will work in the other. Visual Trends empowers social marketers to make data-backed decisions and get better insight into all of your content by grouping together similar handles.

2020 home decor trends

Now you’re all set to begin 2020 at full speed, blow those benchmarks out of the water, and feel more confident than ever about your creative strategy. Props, Visual Trends. 👊

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