What Everyone is Wearing Right Now (Well, On Instagram)

Jun 15, 2015

Do you sometimes often feel like scrolling through your Instagram feed becomes a redundant activity due to multiple cases of style cloning? Real talk: that’s cause everyone is wearing the same thing.

Summertime is upon us and every single Instagram peruse is another opportunity to be reminded of it. How so, you ask? Because the warm weather uniform is back in caption action and seeing as you’re surely a perceptible person following loads of It girls and style stars, you’ve bore witness to what all the kewl kids are donning at the moment.

![Miz Shea makes all the girls want to drop some heavy coinage on lace galdiators. Source: Instagram] (/content/images/2015/06/2015-06-15-12-02-39.jpg)

Stop being super confused as to why you keep seeing only one person over and over.

So there you have it: mystery solved. You are, in fact, following different people and you’re not actually seeing the same girl on repeat. All kidding aside, it is really fun to see how all of our favorite Insta style stars appropriate themselves the trends. It’s not only what makes them stand out in the very vast sea of pretty fish, but it also gives their followers insight on their personality. Being so painfully on trend can also be the gateway to individuality. The irony is not lost on us.

Now, without further ado, if you’re looking to ride the Instagram style wave, make sure the following items are in your arsenal this season.

  • One-Piece Swimsuits

Remember a few years ago when the sky high heel was knocked down from its pedestal in favor of kitten heels, and eventually – gasp! – fashion sneakers?! Consider this the swimwear equivalent. Bye bye inconvenient bikinis, hello sensible one-pieces.

Clockwise from top left: @jess_hannah, @cheraleelyle, @mvb412 and @weworewhat. If queen Danielle is on that train, you better bet it's going places. Source: Instagram

  • Button-Up Skirts

We’ve been invaded by the era that brought us studio 54 and magic mushrooms. Naturally, denim skirts had to adapt as well.

Clockwise from top left: @natalieoffduty, @troprouge, @sincerelyjules and @lornaluxe. All proving that buttons are the hardware du jour. Source: Instagram

  • Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Shoulders are the new cleavage. Collarbones are more like a subtle coy smile, while bearing bosoms are more of an obvious wink. What is more appealing? Exactly.

Clockwise from top left: @thehautepursuit, @galagonzalez, @lateafternoon and @lookdepernille. Because shoulder cleavage is way more modest, yet still super sexy. Source: Instagram

  • Culottes

This silhouette has been roaming the fashion playground for a few seasons, but it now feels fresher than ever. The skinny backlash continues…

Clockwise from top left: @c.phraph, @happilygrey, @theserenagoh and @tania_sarin. They all hate skinny jeans. Just kidding. Source: Instagram

  • High-Top Gladiators

“Are you ready to rumble?”. If that’s not what your feet are telegraphing, than you are not relevant, period.

Clockwise from top left: @lusttforlife, @aniab, @kristengracelam and @songofstyle. All indicating that they are ready to throw it down in the ring, as per their footwear. Source: Instagram

  • Vintage Levi's

Call it the RE/DONE effect or whatever, but them 501s of yesteryear are no longer the mom jeans you used to scoff at your maternal parental for wearing while you were Britney-ing it up in lycra blend low-riders. They’re now the mom jeans of today that make your mother nod knowingly about being right all along (as per usual). #motherknowsbest

Clockwise from top left: @taylrann, @somethingnavy, @rima_rama and @stopitrightnow. Not your mom's, but maybe your mom's (secret's out). Source: Instagram

You’ll be hard-pressed to look through any of your favorite Instagrammer’s feed without spotting some really, really heart palpitation-inducing garments. Chances are, said garments are from the Reformation.

Clockwise from top left: @alwaysjudging, @lucywilliams02, @camtyox and @damselindior. They have all joined the Reformation. Source: Instagram

Did we miss one? What are you seeing non-stop (and can't get enough of)?