Why Avocado Toast is So Important

Jun 24, 2015

Avocado toast is so important. Not only to the seminal brunch (which for years rested its laurels on bacon and mimosas), but to the visual content creator. Avocado toast has become such an integral part of the Instagrammer's repretoire, that single source pour-over coffees have been known to go cold while shots are composed, forks and knives placed just so. Avocado toast is so important. Do we jest? Read on.

Avocaodo toast in its most literal form.

Hashtag, avocado toast.

There are 38,196 instances of avocado toast being hashtagged on Instagram, as of the writing of this piece. The shocking thing about a scan of the tag, is its purity. If you've ever searched a hashtag on Instagram, you've shuddered instantly. Hashtag pollution is a problem and it is real. #avocadotoast, though, feels like a pleasant stroll through thousands of laid back, never-ending Sunday mornings.

So why the religious dedication to the art of capturing avocado toast in its native environment?

1. Avocado toast is delicious.

It's really, really good. The combination of a great toast, avocado, and a perfectly cooked egg is pretty much unbeatable. Complex carbs, healthy fats, and protein. Perfect storm, brah.

Perfect brunch / avocado storm.

2. It's encouraged.

My senior editor Helene and I were at The Standard in Hollywood recently, grabbing breakfast in the diner. We both had a hankering for scramble on toast. After ordering, the waiter paused longer than we expected, finally letting us in on his hesitation. "Avocado is encouraged." Silly us, make it two.

3. It's beautiful, and so green.

Avocado is really green, and looks beautiful set on brownish, tanned bread, with a fluffy white egg astride.

Fluffy eggs and avocado. Erotica.

4. It's important to brunch. And brunch is important.

In the city, where acquiring a prime spot at brunch is combat, the gap between the haves and the have-nots is significant. That avocaodo toast snap at Dudley's lets everyone know you got it, and ain't nobody gonna break your stride.

5. It's good for you.

Avocado toast is good for you, and you take care of yourself. Letting people know you exercise, and eat well, is an important way to get the positive feedback to keep yourself dedicated. You go.

The fresh flowers completely set off this epic avo brunch.

There is so much beauty and deliciousness in the world. Keep your eyes open, take those photos, and keep sharing that green goodness.

Just FYI, we know which influencers take the best avocado toast photos, so you should probably come learn more about what we do.

Thomas Rankin

Co-founder and CEO of Dash Hudson